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Have you ever had buyer's remorse? You know the feeling when you've felt pressured into buying something that was a "good deal" but hours later you're filled with regret at your purchase? No one wants that feeling and you certainly don't want to be the person to give it to someone else by talking them into buying something you know they don't need. However, the fact remains that lash extensions need to be taken care of by your clients. Proper lash-safe aftercare is not a luxury, it is a necessity. So let's talk about some ways you can sell aftercare in an authentic way that helps you and your clients feel comfortable. 


1 | Use your own lash products 

One of the biggest ways to be authentic when selling aftercare products is to try the products you are selling. 

Your client is already laying on your table and trusting you with their lashes, so chances are, they trust your opinion when it comes to taking care of them. If you haven't tried the products that you are selling it will be hard for you to describe the features of the product without sounding rehearsed and fake. 

Once you've tried the products on your own lashes you'll have a personal connection to the product and can share your genuine experience. This will make the conversation with your client a lot more natural and you can even demonstrate tips on how you use it on a daily basis. 



Integrate the products into your service and explain what you're doing. Before you begin your service, cleanse the clients lashes with a lash extension safe eyelash cleanser such as the TLC Foaming Cleanser. Explain that bacteria, dust, and oil can collect in the lash line and cause an overgrowth of lash mites. This overgrowth results in a yellow crust that develops across the lash line which can be irritating and itchy. The fluffiness of your lash extensions will also be compromised and they will fall out more rapidly. 
At the end of the service grab a disposable lash wand and use a lash extension safe Mascara along the bottom lashes to enhance them. Chances are, after feeling the products for themselves and hearing you explain the benefits, they will purchase those products at their next visit. You can also increase the price of your full set to include an aftercare pack of cleanser and mascara, which your client will take home, and when it's time to purchase a refill they'll come to you!



If you approach the end of the service and start using language that lacks confidence or feels forced, it may not speak to your client in a way that compels them to purchase. Use language like "protect your investment" and "all-in-one" when talking products. 

Lash extensions are a luxury service that clients are investing in, not only with their money, but with their time. If you frame aftercare as a way for your client to protect their investment, it challenges them to make a decision to maintain their new lashes. Lash Affair's TLC Foaming Cleanser is a 3-in-1 lash cleanser, face wash, and makeup remover. Selling products that have multiple uses will increase the value of the product in the client's mind and should lead them to buy. 


4 | Hold YOUR CLIENTS Accountable

If you have educated your clients on the importance of aftercare and they come back to their next appointment with dirty lashes, hold them accountable. Take pictures so you can show them the state of their lashes. Show them how dirty the cleansing brush was after your cleansed. If this evidence is not enough to convince them to purchase aftercare, ask them directly why they won't purchase the items they need. Listen carefully to their answers and address their concerns personally. This will make them feel heard and you may have an answer that calms their concerns. 



We hope these tips have been helpful to you. Selling retail will increase your profits without increasing your workload. It may seem uncomfortable in the beginning to suggest aftercare items, but you will find with practice, it will soon become natural for you to make the necessary recommendations. Lash Affair offers a full line of retail and aftercare items for you to sell in your business. Call us at 800.608.2420 to get your account set up. 


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