How Client's Make Buying Decisions

In the luxury lash services business, there’s nothing more important than understanding why people choose luxury over lesser-quality, cheaper options. In this post, we’ll explain how to obtain and retain clients by figuring out what they’re thinking, who your clients are REALLY comparing you to, how to recognize when a potential client is in evaluation versus buying mode, what words/phrases best connect with customers, and why training and credentials matter in the eyelash extensions business.



People choose luxury services and products because they believe it makes them look good, which makes them feel good. Clients identify with this feeling and it becomes part of who they are. Therefore, connecting emotionally with clients is key. 

Asking clients how something makes them feel and what look they’re going for while paying attention to body language and word choice will go a long way in gaining client trust. If clients know you’re there to help make them feel good, not just attach eyelash extensions, you’ll ensure they’ll come back time and time again. 

 TIP: Understand that clients choose based on emotion, not logic.

LASH Competition is Everywhere

When it comes to a client’s experience, you’re not only competing with other lash artists, you’re in competition with every other service industry out there. From hair salons to dry cleaners and restaurants to retail, your clients are comparing them all. 

 This means eyelash extensions clients expect to be treated just as well, if not better, than every other service appointment they’ve had that day. They’re looking for an experience and to be transformed, not simply for a task to be done. Take inspiration from positive buying or service interactions you’ve had such as greeting clients when they walk in the door, recognizing their birthday or a special milestone, or even offering a child play area.

TIP: Treat every lash appointment as a special event and take the best practices from all industries.


Clients go from potential to current clients in three stages. The first, Awareness, is when a potential client realizes that luxury lash services are something that exist. The second, Consideration, is when a potential client starts evaluating whether eyelash extensions are something right for them. After that, it’s time to purchase. 

Good lash artists understand when potential clients are in the first or second mode; perhaps they’re visiting with a friend or maybe they’re receiving other beauty services nearby. It’s a great idea to ask potential clients one simple question: “Have you considered eyelash extensions before?” Their answer will tell you if they’re in the first or second stage, which will allow you to either recommend they seek advice from friends or if you should start talking to them about what the right kind of eyelash extensions could do for them. These techniques are also great for upselling during or after a lash appointment.

TIP: Don’t ask for the sale, ask about the client’s needs.



Open-ended questions work well in helping potential clients decide if luxury lash extensions are right for them. As we said before, simple inquiries like “Have you considered eyelash extensions before?” will immediately reveal if they’re in evaluation or buying mode. Other great options to use are “What is your favorite beauty service?” or “What helps you look your best?” gives you plenty of information to work with. 

 TIP: Ask general beauty regime questions to get a sense of what a client likes.


Stand out with LASH Training and Credentials

There’s no question people trust expertise. In the luxury lash services business, being great at applying eyelash extensions may mean you’ll get a lot of repeat customers, but recognized expert-level status will help draw them in. Training matters, so be sure to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, product types, and technology by keeping training and credentials current. 

At Lash Affair, our two-day in-person courses teach the art of applying Classic or Volume lash extensions for those artists looking to up their skill level and attract luxury clientele. Our hands-on model work supervised by accomplished lash artist (themselves successful business owners) ensures you are ready to deliver an exceptional client experience—complete with certification to display in your studio!

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