Tips for Managing Romantic Relationships as a Lashpreneur

As a hard-working lash artist, you may feel like one of those circus performers who keeps several plates spinning on top of poles at the same time. You have your “appointment plate” and your “bookkeeping and money management plate” along with your “retail and product inventory plate.” Oh, and don’t forget your “employee management plate” and “customer service” plate — those are definitely important too!

Even though you probably don’t want to admit this, you have been so busy keeping those plates aloft, you kinda/sorta forgot a date night last week with bae. While your honey was understanding and you have already rescheduled your special time, you know the forgotten date represents the fundamental challenge that comes with being a busy and successful lash boss who is also in a romantic relationship.

To look into how dating a business owner is different, challenging and, of course, well worth it, consider the following:


Dating as an entrepreneur: WHAT IT'S REALLY LIKE 

Dating an entrepreneur is definitely different than a “typical” dating experience. As Inc. notes there are a number of what they call “brutal truths” about being in a relationship with a busy lash artist. These include last-minute changes in plans — for example, if your final appointment of the day runs long because a client hasn't been in for a few weeks, you might need to reschedule that movie night with your love.



Your partner might feel like he or she is competing with your business for attention, and you probably work super long hours including weekends; this can also make it challenging to grab dinner and a movie. These challenges are typically different from a “9 to 5-er” who has a set schedule, a regular paycheck, and rarely is called in to work overtime. If your boo starts to boo hoo about how your devotion to your business is getting in the way of date night, remind your partner it can also add some serious excitement to your relationship. For instance, points out business owners will never settle for second best in their work, and so, are always looking for the best in others and everything. You also know how to look past the flashy exterior of any person or situation and hone in on what is most important — their inner purpose. Remind your sweetie his or her strong sense of purpose and inner values are extremely attractive to you, and that it inspires you to really open up and be yourself with them.


Four Relationship Management Best Practices

In order to help keep your relationship progressing as smoothly as possible and increase your chances for your entrepreneurial self to get along really well with your “typical” significant other, consider the following four tips:


1. Set a Date Night and Do Not Break It

You were busy the night you forgot about your date night — that’s for sure. But it also wasn’t a regular, predictable part of your calendar, which made it easier to miss. As Howard Kingston notes, a relationship is sort of like a bank account. When you do nice things for each other, spend quality time together and go on date nights, you are making “deposits” into your account. 



You can also go into the red in your relationship bank account by getting in arguments, ignoring each other and forgetting to spend time together. To keep your relationship bank account balance nice and high, decide on a regular date night — for instance, every Wednesday night — and stick with it. You don’t have to go to some fancy and expensive restaurant — playing Monopoly together, going to a movie, walking in the park in the evening are all inexpensive and great ways to connect.


2. Reexamine Your Priorities

Sometimes, in order for a relationship to thrive, you do have to make some hard decisions about your lash artist life. Prioritizing goals and tasks is an effective tactic for making time for the people who are special to you. Each day, assess what you absolutely need to do for your business as well as your healthy relationships, and strive to maintain a balance. If you are so focused on your lash business that you have not seen your sweetheart in several days, it is probably time to make some decisions about what you can cut out of your work life to make time for your relationships.


3. Be Willing to Be Vulnerable

A great way to connect with the special someone in your life, Howard Kingston notes, is to figuratively take off your mask and let him or her see who is behind it. This means being vulnerable and talking about things you are afraid to discuss. 


You don’t have to fill each and every date with heavy discussions about your greatest and deepest fears, but if you can do this at least occasionally and show the insecure and vulnerable side of you, it can help bring you closer together. As Hey Sigmund notes, being more vulnerable is the key to connecting with others because it means you are courageous enough to open up to another human being, and receiving what they are giving you with an open heart.


4. Quality Over Quantity

While you might want to devote all of your time to your lash artist business and your sweetheart, there are still only 24 hours in a day. This is where focusing on quality over quantity time can save your relationship and your sanity. Even on those days when you can’t spend hours with your honey, make that quick dinner really count. Turn off your smartphone when you are together and really focus on your significant other. Ask thoughtful questions and talk about important things and goals and really listen to what your partner is saying.


You Can Be a Successful Lash Boss and a Significant Other

It is reassuring to know that most entrepreneurs find it challenging to balance their business life with their personal relationships. Now, you and your sweetheart will have a greater understanding of what makes you tick and how you can successfully carve out quality time together. Lash Affair can help you achieve your relationship goals — you can place your orders for lash supplies and accessories on a user-friendly website in between appointments, and then instead of worrying about your order while you are on a date night, you can rest assured knowing that your lash artist products will arrive quickly to your business. This lower anxiety state will allow you to truly enjoy your time with your partner. 




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