Proper Eyelash Extension Removal

// Jenelle Paris

Whether you are removing Lash Extensions due to an allergy, a poorly applied set, or the client is just ready for a break; there are several ways to remove the extensions correctly. When removing them, you need to proceed with caution. If any remover gets into a client’s eye, it can cause severe discomfort and possibly injury. If the client is extremely irritated, send them to their doctor with the MSDS sheets and do not attempt removal. 

poorly applied lashes

Once you’ve determined it's safe to perform a removal, there are several options to choose from. You can remove them manually by pressing and squeezing them off with your tweezers, “Banana peel” them off, or you can use products. I'm going to explain how to remove lash extensions with products safely.

There is a variety of products to use;  liquid, cream, or a gel. Personally, I prefer to use “The Breakup” Gel Remover from Lash Affair, for the easiest, most comfortable removal possible. I would specifically stay away from liquid removers because they can easily drip into the client's eye by accident. A cream is also a great option. 

To begin, adjust your bed, so your clients head is raised to prevent the product from leaking into their eyes, next place gel pads under the eyes to protect their skin and lower lashes. You want to keep the remover off of their skin to avoid irritation. Next,  take two micro tips or flocked tip applicators and dispense one or two drops of remover, pressing them together to spread the product and prevent dripping.

Gently apply the remover slightly higher than the base of the lash extension moving the product towards the baseThen, allow about five to ten minutes to let the product activate and start to break down the adhesive. As long as the lashes were applied correctly, they should easily slide right off! When you are removing a poorly applied set allow yourself at least 45 minutes to take the lashes off. Poorly applied sets can take much more time and patience to remove, especially if excessive adhesive was used.  Always be careful when removing a set and make sure you are gentle, so you don’t prematurely pull out any natural lashes. If for any reason you get remover in your client’s eye, you should immediately flush the eye with eyewash or saline solution. 

Finally, after all of the lashes are removed, make sure to remove any leftover gel remover with micro swabs. Afterward, cleanse the client’s entire eye area and rinse before they open. I like to use TLC Foaming Cleanser after a removal. Cleansing after is important especially if you’re reapplying a new set. There could be residue, and you don’t want this to affect retention. 

Best of luck and happy lashing!


Kendra Harris | Lash Affair Trainer | @wildflowerbeautybar

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