Tips for Using a Eyelash Serum


We at Lash Affair are excited to bring you some fabulous new aftercare items for your clients to enjoy that will also help boost your profits!

One of our new items, along with a smooth felt tip eyeliner, and a safe mascara for touchups, is a lash growth serum. Sometimes a growth supplement may be mandatory for your client to use, those who have suffered damage from past sets, lash curlers or those with weak lashes wanting full looks may have no choice but to turn to growth serums for support. So you, as the professional, need to know all the ins and outs of lash growth serums and what to consider when recommending this item to your clients!

More Frequent Fills:

  • Clients might require more frequent fills if they are using a growth serum with extensions since their lashes will grow out faster than usual.
  • Suggest booking fills one week sooner than usual until they hit their max growth potential.
  • Another side effect of using a growth serum with extensions is excessively curly lashes or lashes that “basket weave” or crisscross. Be careful to always place lashes facing straight forward with the direction of your design, no matter how unruly the natural lash is.

Weaning Off a Serum:

  • After clients reach their full result, they can start to wean off slowly. Going from once a day to once every other, and so on.
  • Make sure to let your clients know that if they don’t wean off of their growth serum slowly, they may suffer a big lash shed. Growth products send messages for lashes that would otherwise have fallen out to stay in the follicle.  These lashes stop receiving this message; they shed all at once. The lashes eventually return on the following cycle, but during the time of their mass shed, the results can be disturbing. Always wean off to avoid this.

Lash Serums Don’t Work on Everyone:

  • Sad but true. Not everyone will get the massive growth of their dreams, BUT the serum will always be a good choice for fortifying the hair, improving lash moisture and integrity even if remarkable growth is not apparent.

Wash It off at Some Point:

  • Sheesh! We all know clients can tend to avoid cleansing the lashes well for fear of lash loss. Although our serum is an all natural peptide complex, cleansing the lash line regularly is recommended.
  • No extra effort than their normal daily cleansing should be required.

Volume Don’ts:

  • Don’t put serums through the length of your lashes if you have volume extensions as this will plaster your poor fans shut and turn your beautiful fluffy set into a spiky mess!
  • Only apply to the base like a liner, and only a minimal amount is necessary.

More Does Not = More:

  • You know the type. Encourage these clients not to overuse their new lash growth serum as applying more than twice a day is not recommended and applying too much product at once can cause complications with extensions and possible skin irritation!
  • You can, however, recommend that your clients use excess serum to their brows to re-grow brow hairs as well!

Give our serum a try at, and remember we price our items low enough for you to retail to your clients and make a great profit!  Retail is a huge way my business makes money each month, the mascara and liners have flown off my shelves, I started making up home care kits with the awesome new makeup bags as well, total crowd pleaser! For more tips follow me on Instagram @abbyolashes.

Happy Lashing xo

Abby O’Sullivan | Lash Affair Trainer & Director of Business Development

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