Top 3 Ingredients for Lash Extension Clients to Avoid

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Girl, we know how it is when your clients keep coming back to you with major fallout because they didn’t properly care for their lash extensions. Many times, these clients just need a little extra education on which products to avoid. Whether they prefer to add a full face of makeup, light liner, or maybe they live by a generous skincare routine - some of their  favorite products could contain culprits of lash damage and retention issues. These products being used near or around their lashes end up unknowingly hurting them. That’s why we’re all about giving our clients all the deets on which major ingredients to stay from! Here are the top three ingredients that our Lash Affair Studios artists personally recommend steering clear of to care for extensions.


Our number one rule? Save the oil for your massages! Oils are the number one enemy to eyelash extensions. (As you probably know), adhesive includes a quick-drying resin called cyanoacrylate. Oil eats down at the cyanoacrylate bond to dissolve and therefore affects how long lashes will last. Oils to stay far away from include mineral oils, vegetable oil, and coconut oil. 

P.S. These oils may not completely remove the extensions. If clients no longer want to continue getting lashes, always encourage them to schedule an appointment with you for a healthy lash removal to avoid damage. These are medical-grade adhesives and should not be able to be completely removed without a professional. Please, for the love of lashes, never advise your clients to remove their own extensions with oil.

Products that often include oils include cleansing balms, moisturizers, face oils, and creams. Our favorite lash extension safe cleanser is our very own TLC Cleanser. It’s made with tea tree, which has antibacterial properties, so it’s perfect for clients to wash their lashes, remove makeup and wash their faces. It may also help to combat acne - it’s a win, win!


Waterproof Anything

From one lash babe to another - ditch your waterproof makeup ASAP, it’s not doing you any favors. Waterproof makeup contains oils that will eventually break down the adhesive bonds and can be incredibly difficult to remove. Many waterproof products also require oil or harsh cleansers to remove and still leave a residue. Let your clients know that any rubbing and pulling at their eyelash extensions to remove products can cause premature extension loss or even damage to the natural lashes. 

Always tell your clients to opt for non-waterproof makeup and gently remove it with a cleanser at night. If they’re really into mascara, hook them up with our Good Ex Mascara for an extension safe mascara that’s long lasting and can be used on the very ends of classic lash extensions or bottom lashes.



Liquor and lashes separately? Love ‘em. Together? We’ll pass. Alcohol can be incredibly drying to the skin and lashes. More products include alcohol in the ingredients than you may think. It’s especially important to pay attention to the first six ingredients in products, since ingredient lists are formulated from the most amount to the least amount. Alcohol can cause lashes to become brittle and irritate the skin and eye. Depending on your client’s skin type, alcohol can also cause breakouts.

Although minor amounts of alcohol most likely won’t be too harmful, let your clients know to be aware of how much alcohol is listed in the product and make mindful purchases to protect their skin and lashes. It’s probably safe to assume it’s best to keep the tequila away from lash extensions as well. 

Remind your clients that their lashes are an investment! They should treat their extensions with care to keep them looking beautiful and healthy for longer. Up your retail game and encourage them to invest in quality products with safe ingredients that won’t harm their natural lashes or their extensions.
Check out our aftercare collection to hook your clients up with lash extension safe cleanser, makeup, and more.
If your clients are still struggling to adapt to life without oily, waterproof makeup - have them check out our lash extension safe makeup tutorial on Youtube for inspo. 


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