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Lash Affair held it's second free networking event for lash artists and salon owners at the end of January 2019. We gathered together some of the most prominent lash and beauty industry leaders within the Phoenix Valley for a panel discussion on how to grow a lash business. The panel included Jenelle Paris, Founder of Lash Affair, Brian Hill, Director of Phoenix Fashion Week, Lori Myers, Owner of Let's Lash in Scottsdale, AZ, and Rachael Donaldson, Solo lash artist at Rachel M. Beauty with more than 3,000 followers on Instagram. 

With the warm lighting and chic decor of The Emerald AZ, a female-focused co-working space in Scottsdale, lash artists, students, salon owners, and beauty enthusiasts came together to enjoy an engaging night full of ideas, laughter, and an abundance of photo ops. When guests arrived, they were checked-in and handed two raffle tickets. 

Two names would be drawn at the end of the night; one guest winning a seat at Lash Affair's upcoming workshop Eye Design for all Ethnicities, and another winner would receive a $100 gift card to spend on Lash Affair products or training. 

As guests came around the corner, Elizabeth, Lash Affair's Customer Care & Consultation Supervisor, greeted them. She was available to answer any questions on Lash Affair products and place orders throughout the evening.

Guests then made their way down to the bar for a glass of rosé and a small bite, before mingling and making their way to a seat. Some notable guests even traveled long distances to attend the event. Jasmine Bondoc, owner of Chicsincity in Las Vegas, NV, arrived in a bright red power suit with a couple of members of her team. When asked what brought her, she replied, "I've always admired Lori." 

Krystal Hanna, an up and coming lash artist, flew in from Portland, OR. She was interested in learning more about Lash Affair as she's looking for a brand to partner with. She enjoyed getting to meet amazing artists and business owners in addition to learning from the panel. 

Once the guests were seated, they enjoyed a riveting panel discussion led by Lash Affair's Director of Marketing, Katie Hurst. Lori kicked off the panel with the first answer to why the lash industry is snowballing. She explained when a client comes to get lash extensions for the first time, the effect is so drastic, they can't help but share the lash love with their friends which grows the industry organically. 

One enlightening question from Katie to the whole panel was, "What are the key characteristics or qualities that you've seen in successful lash artists and entrepreneurs?" 

Rachael shared that balance is key to being successful as a lash artist. If you don't have a right balance of self-care and passion, you burn out quickly and cut your career short. Lori agreed and added that drive and self-motivation is needed to hustle well and get your skills to the place where you can call yourself an expert lash artist. Brian used the acronym H.U.S.H. to describe an easy way to remember the qualities that contribute to success. 

H is for High Quality; the experience you are providing must be of good quality. U is for Unique; what stands out about you,  your business, or your services that clients can latch onto and promote? S is for System; what systems do you have in place to ensure that your doors are going to be opening every day? These systems can be your team, your booking system, payroll processor, etc. Finally, the last H is for Hustle; you have to put in the work. 

Jenelle expressed humility is a quality she sees in successful artists. The ability to look at yourself and your work with a critical eye and ask yourself questions like, "How can I do better?" or, "What aspect of this lash set do I want to do differently at her next fill for an improved result?" Successful lash artists are never done learning and growing. 

The panel discussion ended with a Q&A session where artists got to ask the panel whatever was on their mind. Katie drew the names of a couple of lucky gals that won the prizes which were up for grabs. Everyone left as a winner, however, with a 10% OFF discount code for the upcoming lash conference, The Lash Affair, happening April 29th. As the evening drew to a close, guests said their goodbyes, making sure to exchange numbers and Instagram handles, before snapping a final pic or two. 

Overall, the event was a success bringing lash artists and salon owners together from near and far. Lash Affair looks forward to meeting you at our next networking & educational event, Building Client Trust: The Art of the Consultation on February 25th from 6-8pm at The Emerald AZ. Play the video below to watch the whole panel discussion from the Unlock Your Potential Event!

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