Why You and Your Clients Will Love These Undereye Pads

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Where have these been all of your life? Even if you’re only a part time Lash Artist, you know just how helpful it can be to have a tool that makes the process even simpler. Think about all those unfortunate moments when you’ve struggled to separate the lashes, or those clients whose eye area is so sensitive that you can’t properly use an eye pad that won’t hurt their skin. Enter our MatteGel Eyepads, which are designed with the lash artist’s very unique needs in mind — and with every client’s comfort in mind, too.

Quality Gel Blend

Soothing gel blend with Aloe extract calms and smooths the delicate under eye area

Each eye pad is infused with a highly nourishing blend of aloe, glycerin, and castor oil. Together, the ingredients work to hydrate, reduce inflammation, and smooth the delicate skin beneath the eyes. Your clients’ skin reaps the ultimate rewards: it will appear far less puffy, look considerably brighter, and boast improved elasticity, which can minimize those pesky fine lines that contribute to the visible signs of aging. Consider these undereye pads as a powerhouse luxury product for the skin — not only does it act as a beneficial treatment, but it also helps you apply lashes with greater ease.

Great Coverage

Another major benefit is the size of these pads. A large surface area makes it especially simple to isolate by keeping the bottom lashes out of the way, without causing pain or discomfort to your client. The undereye pads are exceptionally easy to apply, and they’re smartly contoured and designed to comfortably fit beneath all eye shapes without budging while you work. 

No Pulling the Skin

What’s more, the eye pads are just sticky enough to adhere to the skin without moving — but not so sticky that your clients will ask why you’re using something that doesn’t feel anything but 100% amazing. On the contrary, these undereye pads are so gentle and skin-loving that your clients will likely want to know the secret to their fantastically soft skin once you’re done applying their lashes.  Unlike tape, you will notice that they come off without lifting the skin, which prevents bruising the client's sensitive undereye area.

Matte Finish

These undereye pads have a matte finish that makes it easy to see what’s going on from all angles and prevents that distracting glare during application. You can easily apply our Lash Map™ Stickers for simple styling and design, over the gel pad and the matte surface keeps the maps secure in place throughout the application. 

Offering a combination of comfort, protection, and treatment, these undereye pads treat your clients to a gentle experience from start to finish. You’ll enjoy the ease of precise application with every person who walks through the door—and your clients will reap the benefits of fabulous skin and exceptionally applied lashes. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

You’ll find the new MatteGel Eyepads in the Lash Affair online store, along with an exceptional selection of other lash-loving products. For more gel pad tips and techniques, check out this live Lash Affair Gel Pad Demo!

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