Lash Artist of the Month: Nicole Yakielashek



Winnipeg, Manitoba

" Being The Lash Therapist means so much more to me than cultivating the perfect lash look."

Congratulations to Nicole Yakielashek, our Lash Artist of the Month! We got to chat with her to learn more about her lash journey and what she loves the most about being a lash artist. We hope her journey will inspire you and, perhaps, give you a tip or two to integrate into your own lash career or business!

1. What is your story?


I was raised in Ile des Chenes, a small french town outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Most days you can find me working on new content or drumming up new inspiration for The Lash Therapist with a cold cup of coffee… Because let’s be honest, I never have the time to drink it while it’s still hot! 

If I’m not doing lashes, I’m probably studying for my Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy, snuggling up with my man, or drinking red wine and laughing with my most cherished ones.

2. What the best way you’ve found to attain and retain your clients?

HONESTY! It’s been my #1 asset in running a business, bringing in new guests, and keeping my current ones happy! My goal has always been to have clear intentions and to respect the people who have chosen me as their lash artist. Whether it comes to lash safety, cleansing, my schedule, boundaries, my guest’s concerns, or even just the girl talk that naturally happens in my room – I am always honest with my guests. I want them to know they can always expect honesty from me. I think honesty builds a respected and reputable business.

3. Do you edit or filter your photos? What’s your favorite app for pics?


I do edit my photos! One of my favourite parts about my business is connecting with other artists and guests through photos on Instagram! My secret weapon is UNUM, it allows me to plan out my social media content and mindfully arrange it so it’s aesthetically pleasing! I host a Social Media Therapy course for anyone (I mean anyone!) who would like to enhance their social media page.

Some topics include; Creating Connection, Building Your Brand Story, Spreading Your Message, Photography 101 and Helpful Apps. All of my tips & tricks are classified information kept specifically for my students.

4. What advice would you give a new lash artist? Or what advice would you give yourself at that time now that you are on the other side?

Start connecting with other artists! After my first certification I had so many questions that were left unanswered, simply because I was too afraid to ask! As soon as I decided that I wasn’t going to let my fear of bothering people hold me back, I began to excel. My confidence improved, which made my lashing techniques improve! The best way to increase your knowledge on anything is to reach out and ask questions.

5. What’s your favorite aspect of your job?


Being The Lash Therapist means so much more to me than cultivating the perfect lash look. Creating a comfy and inclusive lash room is also so important to me! I love watching my guests fall in love with themselves when they open their eyes to look into my mirror. It makes me so happy to share my ability with them! There is something truly empowering about providing my guests with a therapeutic experience during their lash service.

6. What has this industry done for you?

The lash industry has given me a platform. Online and in-person. The Lash Therapist has grown into a space where I feel comfortable sharing my work, connecting with other entrepreneurs, and standing up for issues I believe in. My goal has been to cultivate a safe, inclusive and comfortable space where people can feel inspired. It has been such a privilege to build a platform where I can freely share the things I care about and bring attention to some really important issues. My confidence to address important social issues like feminism, self-care, body positivity, and mental health has sky rocketed. I want people to feel good in my presence, whether it’s their first time meeting me or they’ve known me for years.

7. What was your first experience of lashes?

I first heard about lash extensions 4 years ago. A woman on my ringette team had the most incredible eyelashes. I could have sworn they were her natural lashes; I had to ask! She gave me the number of her lash artist (Hi, Olivia!) and I booked an appointment that day. I looked up every single piece of information on lash extensions before my appointment… I watched Youtube videos, read reviews (the good and the bad!), and looked up every imaginable hashtag combination that involved #lashextensions on Instagram.

 I even asked my lash artist to send me a photo of the adhesive she uses… Poor girl. After my first appointment I. WAS. HOOKED. Lash extensions were still relatively new back then, so I loved when people would ask, “Are those your natural lashes?”. I think that’s part of the reason I aim to create natural looking extensions in my work today.

8. Do you have a certain style you prefer or lean towards?

2 words that I consistently use to describe my lash style is natural and fluffy. I believe that lash extensions give us the ability to enhance a person’s natural beauty. Classic and volume lashes can both achieve a natural look. Being intentional with different lengths, diameters and curls are ways that I maintain a natural style, even in my volume work!

Want to see more beautiful work from Nicole? Connect with her on Instagram @TheLashTherapist!

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