Lash Artist of the Month: Thu Nguyen

Meet our Lash Artist of the Month, Thu Nguyen! When Nguyen started lashing in college, she had no idea it would become her full-time career. The Scottsdale-based lash artist took her first lash extension training in Vietnam and loved it so much that she returned to training in Vietnam two more times. 

She has now been lashing for six years out of her personal salon suite. We sat down with Nguyen to learn more about the journey that shaped her successful career. 

 Why did you decide to start lashing? 

 After I went to cosmetology school, I started working as a nail technician. It wasn’t until I took my first lash extension training in Vietnam that I became really inspired and fell in love with lashing. I always loved the beauty industry. I grew up around amazing hair stylists, nail artists, etc. I always wanted to be a part of this industry. I remember the first time I got my make-up done with my cousin who’s a makeup artist. The first time she put lashes on me I loved it. You could just wear lashes and that was it. This was back when lashes weren’t really a thing. I wanted to get into lashing from my own experience.     

What is the hardest part about being a lash artist? 

 The hardest part is I think sometimes I get so into my work that I don’t have the best work-life balance. Sometimes it’s just so fun that I don’t think it’s work. It’s a blessing more than a hardship. 

 What is the best part about being a lash artist? 

 The best part of being a lash artist is that it allows me to bring happiness to my clients and create lasting relationships with amazing women. I get to learn through them through their stories. There’s never a boring day.  I also love playing around with something new. I love to try out new things. New products, techniques, and incorporating my own twist. I love doing things like that. Trying out different curls or colors. I get so into the art itself, so I run out of time to take pictures and showcase my arts.  

Who Inspires You?  

My family inspires me as a lash artist. They are my number one supporters. When I chose to go into this industry they were strongly opposed to it.  My biggest fear going into this industry is if I could prove to my family that this is what I love to do. After finishing my bachelor’s degree at ASU, my initial plan was to go to grad school. My major was health sciences. I wanted to do physical therapy or occupational therapy. 

I was part-time lashing through college. I decided I wanted to focus on it full time and build my clientele. I wanted to prove to my family that this is something I could do full time. After my parents seeing what I love to do, they’re happy.  

What is your favorite Lash Affair product?   

I bought the lash ModesTease kit. I love everything in that kit, even the lash wands!  Where do you want to go in your career?   I just love that work doesn’t feel like work. It’s like a hang out session with your friends. You’re forced to hang out with your friends. My goal is to expand my business and build a really solid team. Owning my own storefront where I can offer not only lashes. A one-stop-shop.   

What would you say to new lash extension artists? 

The most important thing a lash artist can do for their craft is to practice on a daily basis. Even if you’re good, everyone can use more practice. I practice until I feel like my eyes are crossed. I want to tell people to invest in themselves, education, and business. If you need help, reach out. People are so willing to help you. People are really supportive in this industry.  

Find Thu Nguyen on Instagram @lashesbythu. Are you interested in being our featured lash artist of the month? Tag up on Instagram @lashaffairbyjp for your chance to win.

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