5 Reasons Lash Extensions are Here to Stay

Are lash extensions just a trend? Read on to see why we say NO way!

Eyelash extensions have become a new household staple for women over the past five years. The question has been, is this service just the latest trend or here to stay? During the recession, multiple industries plummeted while, but not the beauty industry. 

David Trainer, in an article for Forbes, wrote, “When times are tough, people tend to spend less on discretionary consumer items: entertainment, going out to eat, new cars, etc. The only things they don’t seem to cut back on are beauty supplies. There have been multiple examples dating back to the Great Depression of women actually increasing their purchases of cosmetics when times are tough. Both Sally Beauty and competitor Ulta (ULTA) made it through the most recent recession with little-to-no disruption of sales or profits.” 

How is the beauty industry recession proof, you may ask? After surveying my clientele about their need for eyelash extensions, I realized the real reasons why women are maintaining eyelash extensions and keeping them!

#1 No Mascara

Women do NOT like the look and the time it takes to put on mascara.  Mascara darkens the lashes, adds volume and draws attention to the eyes; however, it's clumpy, runs if you have oily skin, and can be irritating to women with sensitive eyes.  Eyelash extensions may be a pricey service on the initial visit, however, my clientele has confirmed that they have wasted hundreds of dollars trying to find the right mascara for themselves with no success. The decision they have made to invest in eyelash extensions has been life changing and worth the money.

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In addition to not having to wear mascara, women are also feeling as if they don’t have to wear eyeliner or eyeshadow either, thus cutting back their morning makeup routine drastically and saving precious dollars as well. Getting back twenty to thirty minutes in today’s hustle-and-bustle society is huge! My clients love using that time to grab a few extra z's, all the while knowing they will wake up looking great! Still want to wear a bit of eyeliner, or mascara on your bottom lashes? Try Lash Affair lash-safe cosmetics.

#3 Confidence Boost

The third reason women have no problem investing in eyelash extensions is the confidence a woman feels when wearing them. Women all over the world spend thousands of dollars on products that help them look and feel sexy. Lash extensions are giving women a subtle way to feel confident enough to hold their heads high, face the world and themselves. 

One of my clients got lash extensions for her daughter's wedding with the intent to remove them after the event. Her husband complimented her beauty more in the three weeks of having her new lashes than he had in the 20 years of their marriage! So, do you think that she removed them like she said she would? Of course not! She is now a forever client of mine.  

Another one of my clients came to me for lashes after she had a surgery that caused her to gain a lot of weight. She was not even looking at herself in the mirror anymore. After her initial service, she finally felt confident about her own reflection. She has now lost the weight and is on her way to a healthier and happier version of herself. Her lashes gave her the inspiration to move forward which I am so happy to have played a part in!

#4 Youth Factor

Mentioning the confidence women get from eyelash extensions brings me to the fourth reason why lash extensions will never die: they make you look younger! Properly trained artists know that customizing extensions to enhance a client’s eye shape is key. Lash Maps have been a huge success in helping me and other artists choose the right style for their clients. 

For example, an open eye look would be perfect for a client with a downturned eye. This map creates a lifting effect in the corners of the eyes, thus, drawing the focus to the pupil and not the outer corners of the eye. Mature women experience drooping of the eyelids as they age. Eyelash extensions will actually mask this feature and brighten the look of the eyes. My older clients are stating that they feel as if eye-lift surgery is not something they are considering now that their eyelash extensions are opening up their eyes. Lash Affair Academy offers training and mentoring for customizing lashes to suit your client's unique face and eye shape. I love to give my clients a mirror and use my lash tweezers as a pointer to show my clients what will look the best for their eye shape.

Eyelash extensions are natural looking. Women have been struggling for years trying to put on strip lashes and clusters. The latex adhesives used with these products are hard to work with, looks thick and clumpy at the lash line, and is only wearable for a day or two. The strips and clusters are noticeably “fake looking.” The first thing people should notice on your face is the eyes, not your lashes. Clients are experiencing that people cannot tell whether they are wearing lash extensions or not. They get people complimenting the beauty of their eyes instead! Who doesn't want more of that?


This leads me to the final reason eyelash extensions will never die: Women love to accessorize with fancy purses, jewelry, and high heels to attract attention. But what about those women who work in an environment in which these accessories are inappropriate? Most of my clients are nurses, teachers, businesswomen, or stay-at-home moms. Accessories aren't an option for these women. How does a nurse feel confident or sexy in a face mask and scrubs? She wears lash extensions. How does a teacher find confidence in her self amongst a classroom full of children? The stay at home mom who has no time to dress up, what is her accessory?  Lash extensions. 

For all of these reasons, eyelash extensions are not just a trend, they are a way of life. The amazing artists in the world who have taken the time to learn the craft and do it well have changed the lives of many women across the globe and will continue to do so for years and years to come. Find a great lash artist near you to change your life with a set of eyelash extensions!

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