“Can I Wear Eyelash Extensions with Contact Lenses?”

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Eyelash extensions (and lash lifts) are the bomb - they offer the luxury of that “wake up in your makeup” feeling, and give you total confidence everywhere you go. Still, contact wearers may feel a little hesitant to receive these services, without knowing all of the deets. That’s why we’re here to clear up any misunderstandings about what to do and not do if you wear contacts and want lash extensions.

DON’T wear your contacts during your service. You’ll have your eyes closed for over an hour, and you’ll want to prevent your contacts from drying during this time. Make sure to bring your contact lens case with you to your appointment and remove the contacts prior to your service. Not only will keeping your eyes closed affect your dryness, but eyelash adhesive releases fumes that can irritate the eye if it’s open at all (so it’s best to avoid the temptation to open by taking your contacts out). Hard lash contacts also run the risk of rolling back into the eye during the service (um, no thanks!). So if you’re thinking about risking it and wearing your contacts during your service… DON’T.

DON’T get saline wetting solutions in your lashes. The saline wetting solutions you use with your contacts can be highly dehydrating to the lash extension bonds, causing them to weaken and eventually break - particularly when it’s left on the lashes or reapplied throughout the day. Allowing saline solution to dry in the lashes will cause extensions to look clumpy, discomfort, and pain in the eye as well as premature lash extension loss.

When using wetting drops, contact lens wearers should be advised to open the lower lid, insert the drops, look up, and blink - tilting the head back may cause the drops to saturate the extensions and weaken the bond. There’s no need to ditch the contact solution altogether, but be extra careful with the liquid around your lashes.

DON’T get anything in your eye. Just keep sh*t away from your eyelashes, okay? This may seem like a no-brainer and a rule you follow wearing contacts anyways. Lash extensions can actually help prevent the irritation you normally experience from mascara fallout by eliminating the need for mascara at all. If you do happen to get something in your eye or it feels irritated, flush it out with warm water instead of rubbing or tugging at the lash line. 

DO wear your contacts with care once you’ve had your lashes done. Our artists recommend wearing your glasses immediately after your appointment for your comfort. When you do go to put in your contact lenses again, take caution to pull your eyelid up from the top of the lid near the brow bone instead of the eyelashes or lash line. Pulling and tugging on the lashes can affect damage and retention - so just be gentle, babe! 

P.S. If you’re receiving a lash lift, wait 24 hours before getting your lashes wet. To avoid your eyes watering or dampening the lashes with solution, wear glasses during the 24 hour period after your lash lift. Getting your lashes lifted in the evening will help with this process, so you can sleep easy and rest your eyes after the lift.

DO bring your glasses (if you have some). You’ll want to wear your glasses after getting extensions to let your eyes rest, but it’s also an important tool for measuring your lash length. Your artist will want to look at the length of your natural lashes and where your glasses sit on your face. By assessing your glasses, your lash artist will customize the application to ensure your lash extensions won’t hit the lens of your glasses.

DO take your sensitivity into account. If your eyes are very sensitive, expect to treat them with extra care after the extension application process. Bring your glasses to give your eyes a break from the contacts and reduce irritation. Always, always communicate with your artist if you are uncomfortable, if you have any questions or concerns, or if you’ve experienced allergic reactions to beauty treatments in the past.


Eyelash extensions can be incredibly beneficial to contact wearers who want the look of wearing makeup without losing time in the morning (and are so over pesky makeup fallout appearing in their contacts). Contacts and eyelash extensions are a match made in heaven when applied by an expert lash artist.
Book your lash appointment at Lash Affair Studios and we’ll hook you up with one of our expert lash artists to give you a powerful, lasting transformation. 
Don’t forget about lash care! Being careful with your contacts isn’t enough, you have to be following the proper aftercare routine to keep your lashes healthy. Check out our complete aftercare collection for lash extension safe products + makeup.

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