“How Do I Sleep With Lash Extensions?”

The How To | Keep Your Lashes Safe While You Snooze

How are you in bed? No, not like that. Are you a side sleeper? Do you toss and turn? How you sleep can affect the retention of your eyelash extensions and cause you to lose more lashes than normal. If you’re new to eyelash extensions, or if your lash artist didn’t fully aftercare, you’re probably wondering how you should be caring for your lashes before bed. We’ve got you! Try these tips to keep your extensions safe while you snooze and save yourself from the heartbreak of waking up to major lash fallout on your pillow in the morning.


Treat Your Lashes to Sexy Silk Sheets

Spice things up in the bedroom and let your lashes rest easy with silk sheets. Although it’s not necessary for your entire sheet set to be silky soft, having a pillowcase will make a huge difference for your lash extension retention. Silk pillowcases allow your eyelash extensions to glide over the pillow while you sleep, instead of causing friction on the hair and resulting in breakage. 

P.S. This applies to your eyelashes, hair, and skin. Reduction in friction means less pulling and tugging on your skin, resulting in fewer wrinkles. You can feel the difference for yourself by rubbing your fingers across a piece of cotton and a piece of silk - your fingers will slide across the cotton much easier. Silk is naturally moisture-wicking so it absorbs less moisture and helps keep hair and skin hydrated. By keeping hair and skin hydrated, frizz is reduced. A silk pillowcase is a must for curly hair gals!

The absolute best way to reduce friction while you sleep? Sleep on your back! Keeping your face away from any contact eliminates lash friction all together and reduces the number of lash extensions you lose at night. 


Wrap it before you nap it! Normal sleep masks cause unnecessary rubbing and pressure on the lashes. But there is no need to pass on sleep masks altogether - a domed sleep mask is your secret weapon for keeping the fabric from messing with your lash extensions. Plus, eye masks are seriously incredible for overall health - the darkness increases melatonin levels for a deeper sleep.

Our Beauty Sleep Domed Eye Mask is a great option for babes with lash extensions. It has an adjustable velcro backing that prevents the mask from being too tight or too loose. The cushioned mask is also padded and can be hand washed to keep it clean.



The cleanliness of your lash extensions severely affects retention. If you aren’t cleansing your lashes before bed, you’re almost guaranteed bacteria build-up from the day or irritation from sweating and rubbing your lashes while you sleep. That build-up can affect retention, as your lash extensions can’t hang on to dirty or oily natural eyelashes and you’ll start to experience more fallout.

Keeping your lashes clean is key, but cleansing the lashes the wrong way before bed can be detrimental too. Oil-based cleansers can break down the lash adhesive bonds, so you should always use a lash extension safe, oil-free cleanser to prevent this. Even if you aren’t using an oil-based cleanser to wash your lashes, using a non-eyelash safe cleanser near your eyes is dangerous for your lashes, as other makeup removing products are also especially likely to include oil in their ingredient list. Our TLC Cleanser is the perfect cleanser formulated for eyelash extensions with Tea Tree, an antibacterial ingredient. Fortunately, TLC is specially formulated to be used as a makeup remover, eyelash cleanser, and face wash.


If you toss and turn through the night, it’s likely that your lashes will twist and turn, causing irritation when you wake. You can avoid this by brushing through your lashes before bed to prevent further tangles. After your lash extension service, your lash artist will most likely provide you with a spoolie (AKA a dry mascara wand). Use your spoolie + be gentle with the lashes and be sure to close your eyes and brush from mid-lash to the top of the lashes, avoiding the base of the lashes where the delicate adhesive bond is placed. For a little extra fluff, feel free to close your eyes and gently brush up under the lashes. Additionally, let your lashes dry after washing and before brushing them. 


Eyelash extensions are perfect for the client who wants to wake up with their make up, but like every beauty treatment, they require care + maintenance to keep them looking their best. Take the proper steps to safely sleep with lash extensions! Make it part of your nighttime ritual to love on your lashes a little before bed to wake up to lashgasms every morning.
If you’re looking for goods to keep your lashes safe day n’ night, check out our aftercare collection.
If you need more tips for getting a sexy night’s sleep with lashes, hit us up.

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