How to Find a Good Lash Artist

Long, lovely lashes are a delight but not at the risk of damage or natural lash loss! There are many lash "artists" out there, but not all lash artists are created equal. There is an unfortunate lack of regulation in the lash industry which means you could wind up with a tech who learned to lash watching YouTube or that is ordering cheap products or even worse, is bonding lashes together and causing natural lash loss and damage. Scary! This application process is a very precise and delicate service that requires special licensing and training, so don’t look for who’s the cheapest. Trust the safety of your eyes to only the best!


- Make sure you are seeing a licensed beauty professional who is certified by a high-end lash brand such as Lash Affair.

- You should visit the brand’s website to ensure the certification is valid and see the options within your area for Volume Trained Lash Artists who have gone one step further to continue their education with the most advanced classes offered.

- Search social media sites such as Instagram or Facebook and websites to view pictures of your potential artist’s work.

- Read reviews and seek personal recommendations from peers to know for sure you are in good hands. - Check out the Lash Affair Artist's Directory


First things first, lash extensions should never look like the end of a broom chopped off and stuck on like a visor! Your lashes should be individually placed on a single hair one by one. They should move and flex and breathe just like your natural lashes would. If you can’t comb through your lashes with a dry mascara wand or if your lashes tangle badly or pinch at the root, you are probably at risk for lash loss and follicle damage! Because lashes grow and shed at varying rates and not all at once; if you have poorly applied lashes that someone applied to more than one lash, or false lash clusters adhered to your lash line, as your lashes grow out neighboring lashes will be ripped from their follicle causing natural lash damage and thinning. Not to mention the base of the plucked lash that can't shed out will tickle and irritate your lash line, possibly giving you a foreign body sensation and a sore spot or just generally bugging you!

Bad vs. Good Lashes
Bad vs. Good Lashes


If you are visiting a well-educated and reputable tech, you should receive a thorough consultation before your application where your artist will assess your lifestyle, desired look, and measure to determine your ideal lash design to best compliment your eye. Be aware that once you double the length or thickness of the natural lash you are at risk for damage, so be sure to discuss length before application as cutting the lashes after is not an option. If you are wary on length, you can always add more at your next fill. As a gauge: 12mm and 13mm lashes are most people’s version of “long,” but you may desire a 14mm or even 15/16 mm lash. This look is only for those with thick and full natural lashes already. As far as thickness goes .15mm lashes are ideal for classic lashing, but, if you have strong lashes and desire a fuller look, you could choose .18mm lash or volume lashes. .25mm lashes or higher are simply too much weight and wearing them will ultimately cause damage.

before and after lash extensions


Lashes are manufactured in lengths from 6mm all the way to 16mm so don’t feel as though you have to be limited to sky-high Kardashian looks. Lashes can be designed to suit even the most demure client. For an ultra-natural look, you could even choose chocolate brown extensions. They are available in varying degrees of curl that can be used alone or combined to create the ultimate look. Colors like hunter green, navy and dark plum lashes can be added to make eye color pop. For more fun and unique look, you can experiment with color blocking, full-color sets or even hot pink lashes done in a streak for breast cancer awareness! Advanced artists may be able to offer you looks beyond the typical classic one by one set. Techniques like layering mink lashes onto your existing set to add a whimsical fluff. Volume lash extensions are the newest craze to hit the lash world. With the softest most lightweight and delicate artfully placed fans of lashes nestled safely to one single lash, this technique is highly advanced, do extra research when seeking out this set.

volume lash extensions


No matter where you choose to go the following tips will be universal to lashes everywhere.

- Make sure you are cleansing your lash extensions all the way to the base each and every day with an approved foaming cleanser to prevent oil and bacteria or old makeup from building up.

- Do not use waterproof mascara or liners. Use an approved lash conditioner or a growth supplement like Biotin and to ensure the health of your lashes.

- You should receive a lash wand from your artist to comb and fluff your lashes daily. This step will keep your lashes from tangling or crisscrossing. Add a touch of water to the brush to remove any eye shadow residue from your lashes after applying makeup. This step is only recommended for classic lashes, as brushing your Volume Lashes when wet is strongly discouraged as this can close the fans.

- If your lashes are looking a little stuck together after a shower, you can use a blowdryer on a cool setting to fluff and separate and remove moisture.

- Do not avoid washing or wetting the lashes to make them last, this will, in fact, cause problems with bacteria and oil build up and cause premature shedding of the lashes or an infection that could cause lash loss. Products like the TLC Foaming Lash Cleanser are perfect for maintaining healthy lashes.

- Try to avoid sleeping on your face or your side, if you do you may need to fill more often or notice that one eye sheds faster than the other.

- Don’t try to push it too far in between fills. If you arrive with only a few lashes remaining you may need to pay a new set price, there may not be time for the additional work leaving you with not enough fullness to last until your next fill; this can start a dangerous progression into poor retention.

- Never arrive at your appointment with mascara or eyeliner.


At Lash Affair our focus is education. We have one of the most comprehensive and all-inclusive curriculums available on the market, and your safety is of our lash artists utmost concern. We stock only high-end luxury products and ensure your satisfaction. 





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