How To Grow Your Natural Eyelashes

It’s no secret any more that we lose 3-5 natural eyelashes per day. Each individual eyelash is on its own growth cycle, which can last 30-90 days depending on genetics, health, age, medications, and many other factors. Natural lash health is an imperative part of how full your lash extensions can become, and how long they will last. When your artist is correctly applying lash extensions for you, they are each attached to one single natural lash. That being said, you can imagine how having healthier natural lashes can give your artist the best canvas to create her magic on, leaving you with the fluffiest extensions possible.

As a client, there are a handful of simple things you can do to help your natural lashes live their best life, which in turn will help your artist do her job to the best of her ability. We’ve put together some great practices to maintain longer, fuller natural lashes, even when taking breaks from extensions. Most of these tips can help your brows grow too, so be sure to reap the benefits of both! 




To nourish and keep our lashes growing long and strong, we must first understand the lash growth cycle. The eyelash growth cycle consists of three phases: Anagen (growing), Catagen (dormant/transition) and Telogen (shedding). Approximately 10% of all the hairs on your body are in the Telogen phase at any given time and, on average, you’ll shed up to five eyelashes per day. After shedding that beautiful baby, the cycle starts over. For some lashes, it can take up to take six months to complete one full cycle.

Overall, lashes have a lifespan of about three months. Generally, it takes between four and eight weeks for a new lash to fully grow. When all is said and done, eyelashes spend most of their time resting and falling out — not growing — so it’s important to protect the ones you’ve got!



Any esthetician will tell you the importance of removing makeup and washing your face before bed. Your eyes count just as much as the rest of your skin! When it comes to our delicate eye area, being gentle is key. Remember, we aren’t scrubbing anything on our face or body like we would our bathroom tub! The key is using products that help do the work for you, so you aren’t using too much force.



Water-based makeup removers are recommended. Lash Affair’s 3-in-1 TLC Cleanser is a gentle yet effective makeup remover that can be used for cleansing lashes, eyelash extensions, and can be used as a face wash.

Wet your cleansing brush and closed eyes, and gently massage TLC at the lash line, working the brush from base to tip of the natural lashes. Getting in between each lash and the bases, taking your time to cleanse thoroughly. Rinse your eyes and lashes while keeping eyes closed. Blot dry and blow dry using your hair dryer’s “cool” setting from 12 or more inches below. Brush your lashes back into perfection with a spoolie. If lashes are brushed while wet, the very fine tips of your fans will stick together, causing extensions to look clumpy instead of fluffy.




Lash Affair’s Lash + Brow Growth Serum enriches your natural lashes with vitamins and peptides that work to deliver nutrients straight to the follicle, where it matters. It's also designed to send a message to hairs that are getting ready to shed that says, “Hey little buddies, stay put a little bit longer!”

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Meet Growin’ and Showin’, our revolutionary oral vitamin spray created to support lash, hair, skin, and nail fullness + growth. You’ve gotta fortify your natural lashes with the good stuff, lash health starts from the inside out. She contains biotin, vitamin C, iron, vitamin E, amino acids, and all the other essential building blocks for hair growth. She loves to show off - use this spray on the daily and watch your lashes grow longer, stronger, and thick AF in as little as 10 days!

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Curling eyelashes can wreak havoc on natural lashes. If you tug too hard, you’ll most likely lose a few or worse cut them. A great lifted for up to 8 weeks. Stepping away from the curler is another reason to choose lash extensions - no curling is required!



If the hair on your head appears dull, your skin is lackluster, or your nails are constantly breaking, a deficient diet could be the culprit. Hair, skin and nails need plenty of fatty acids and protein to flourish. Salmon, avocado, edamame, beans, flaxseeds, MCT Oil, and walnuts are a few things you can consume regularly to boost those fatty acids.



Green tea is an anti-inflammatory that soothes puffy eyes. The tea also improves blood circulation, which enhances the health of follicles and ensures nutrients get to the lash line. So drink up or apply the brewed (and cooled-off) tea bags directly on the lash line.


Your lash artist is every bit committed to your natural lash health as you are- which should be expected! Beautiful lash extensions are a team effort, it takes your at home care and a determined artist to keep them looking their absolute best. Use the products your artist recommends, she knows her sh*t, and that’s why you chose her. 



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