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Baby with Long Lashes

Babies don’t need any help looking cute. These delightful minis are born with beautiful features that make us swoon over their total adorableness! Their soft skin and long, luxurious lashes are features that some of us grown-ups love to admire and gladly pay for.

Many babies have long, beautiful eyelashes that are simply mesmerizing. These kids may be tiny, but their lashes certainly are not! Their eyelashes are full and prominent, and that’s even without a hint of mascara!

We go goo-goo ga-ga over these little nuggets’ oh-so-effortless lashes while, as adults, we have to dole out a few, extra dollars to achieve the same, bright-eyed look.

So why are babies’ eyelashes so long?

One school of thought suggests that eyelashes are the same length and fullness from childhood to adulthood. Babies naturally have smaller heads than grown-ups do, so as a result, their lashes appear longer and more prominent relative to their small size. It makes sense right? There’s more.

Some babies are naturally blessed and predisposed to long lashes because they inherited the genes for it. It is also suggested that a mother’s diet during pregnancy can influence how long and thick her baby’s eyelashes will be. In this case, wouldn’t it be awesome if we all could just eat the right things and end up with longer, fuller lashes! 

To achieve the same extravagant eyelash look as cuddly babies, lash extensions come into play in a big way.

How to get long lashes like a baby

Individual eyelash extensions are the best way to achieve the doe-eyed look we admire in infants. Lash extensions are carefully adhered to your individual eyelashes to create a long, natural-looking flutter. Your eyes will look brighter and more youthful with lash extensions, and you’ll enjoy an enhanced appearance overall.

You might even consider bringing one of your excellent, baby-eyelash photos to your lash artist as inspiration for the look you wish to create… or maybe not. Either way with your luscious, beautiful lash extensions in place, admirers will go goo-goo ga-ga over them as we do for these mini inspirations.

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