"Is My Lash Artist Doing Something Wrong?"

The How To | Spot a Trained Eyelash Extension Artist

We’ll be real with you, babe - not all lash artists are equal. Finding a trained, professional you trust is key to not f*cking up your lash extensions or, even worse, your natural eyelashes. But how do you actually know if you can trust your artist to give you good lashes with max retention? Know the process. The more educated you are on what you should expect when receiving an eyelash service - the better you’ll be able to spot an artist who’s using proper techniques to maintain the health of your lashes. If your lash artist is following these six key steps, it tells you they know their shit and they’ve got your best interest in mind. 

1 | The Lash Extension Consultation 

Before you even close your eyes, your lash artist should carefully examine the shape of your eyes and facial features to conduct an in-depth consultation about your expectations. It’s extra important to understand your unique anatomy + what your lashes can handle before starting the service. Everyone’s different, and not every set of eyelashes will look the best on every person. For instance, if you have wide-set eyes, your artist should notice that and not add extra length on the end of the eye that will make them look wider. If you have short + fine natural eyelashes, your artist should take caution to not apply lash extensions that are too long or heavy.  It’s imperative that your artist takes the time to understand your desires and customize the length, diameter, and curl of your lashes to be completely unique to you. 

You should always feel welcome to ask your artist questions during your consultation. A trustworthy lash artist will provide their credentials and be able to knowledgeably answer any questions. They should also be inquiring about any allergies, glasses, contacts, or discomfort you may have had with extensions in the past to make sure you’re a good candidate for the service. 

2 | The Lash Cleanse aka Lash Bath 

If your artist isn’t cleansing your eyes before your service… RUN! No, seriously, babe, get out of there. Applying lash extensions to oily or dirty natural lashes can trap bacteria + debris and cause some serious issues. Your lashes have natural oils and if not washed prior to your service, this oil breaks down lash adhesive and creates a barrier to prevent proper attachment - aka your lash extensions will not be sticking around for long after you leave the studio. The safety of your service and long-term health of your lashes should be the artist’s top priority. An educated artist will use an eyelash extension safe cleanser, like our TLC, and brush to cleanse across the lid and down into the lash line. We like it dirty, but we’re not turned on by dirty lashes. 

3 | The Eyelash Extension Taping Technique 

After cleansing your lashes, your artist will secure your bottom lashes with gel pads. Your artist should instruct you to completely close your eyes, and the gel pads shouldn’t slide into your eyes or cause any discomfort during the service. Your artist will most likely add more tape to the gel pads or your eye throughout the application to easily access harder to reach areas of the lash line - such as the inner corner. The taping should never pull your eye open, cause stinging, or feel irritating. Always speak up to your artist if your eye is irritated or doesn’t feel completely closed. 


4 | The Lash Application Process

After your gel pads and lash tape are properly placed, the real show starts. Depending on which style your artist and you decide on during your consultation, the lash application may vary slightly. Classic lash extensions are applied individually, adding one extension to one natural eyelash. Volume lashes are applied in fans (multiple, lighter weight extensions per fan), by adding a fan to one natural eyelash. Hybrid lash sets are a combination of singles and fans. You should never have multiple natural eyelashes attached to one extension or one fan, and your extensions should never be glued to the very root of the lashes or the skin. Properly applied eyelash extensions should feel weightless + barely there - if you can feel them itching, burning or poking at you, they’re most likely not applied properly and may damage your naturals. 

Size matters, babe! Inquiring about the length of the lash extensions the artist is using will help you uncover a little bit more about the artist's training and attention to lash health. An industry standard is to not use an extension longer than two to three millimeters longer than the natural lash. For example, if your natural lashes are nine millimeters long, your extensions should be no longer than eleven millimeters long, in order to maintain the integrity of your natural eyelashes. 

5 | The Finishing Touches of Your Eyelash Extension Service 

Your artist should finish the lash extension application with the use of a nano mister. A nano mister cures (aka solidifies) the eyelash adhesive and allows you to get your lashes wet after application. The nano mister is a very fine mist and shouldn’t leave your lashes damp - if it’s used correctly, you should barely feel it at all. If your artist insists you not wash or get your lash extensions wet for 24 hours, they most likely haven’t been educated in the curing process. Waiting to wash your lashes won’t harm you, but it’s an unnecessary inconvenience that could be avoided with the proper technique. 

Your artist should also provide you with proper lash aftercare instructions in order for you to maintain your lashes and keep them looking their best before your next touch-up. Some artists may even give you products to cleanse and brush your lashes after your service, but that’s not always the case. At the bare minimum, they should instruct you to cleanse + brush your lashes daily and avoid eye makeup products containing oil, like mascara and waterproof eyeliner. Always choose lash extension safe makeup products instead, like our mascara and eyeliner from our aftercare collection. Having your artist explain your aftercare routine shows they are invested in keeping your eyelashes healthy and keeping you as a long-term satisfied client.

The more educated you are about the eyelash extension process, the easier it will be to trust an artist to take care of your lashes. You can feel better about your experience knowing you have the knowledge to speak up if you are questioning any part of your service.
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