Last Minute Halloween Makeup Looks

Halloween is right around the corner and costume planning can be hectic. If you're one of the many people who is frantically looking for a costume at the last minute, then your search ends here! We've put together some last-minute Halloween costumes that you can recreate with everyday makeup.  Check out Lash Affair's quick tutorial on these last minute Halloween looks.


Almost everyone's go-to for Halloween is the black cat costume. It is the quickest last minute costume that anybody can create.  We've taken the basic black cat costume and glammed it up a bit. Not much is needed to re-create this simple look. This was completed using Lash Affair's Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Black and a dash of glitter!  All you need to do is throw on some cat ears and black clothing and you're good to go. With this look, you'll definitely be the fiercest feline at any costume party!  To create this look, watch the tutorial above.

Glamour Cat Tutorial


It's been seven years since Amy's passing and we will never stop paying tribute to this legend. Every year, her legacy continues through people emulating her look through many different ways. We've recreated Amy's look to honor her. This look was created with everyday face makeup, including Lash Affair's own HD Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Black to get those wings that Amy is known for. To watch this tutorial, skip to 1:51 in the video above.

Amy Winehouse Makeup Tutorial


A giraffe may be the last image in your mind when you are picturing a cute and quick costume idea. But, this Glow Getter Giraffe look is fun to do and is guaranteed to turn heads! We used gold liquid shadow to create spots and Lash Affair's Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Brown to create outline the spots and added a nice wing to define the eyes.  Remember to keep a theme of brown/orange shades in your outfit and accessories to enhance the look. To watch this tutorial, skip to 2:48 in the video above.


Morticia Addams is a fictional character from the popular show and movie, The Addams Family.  Her character is a descendant from a long line of witches. From couples costumes to family costumes, this loving and devoted mother has turned into a popular costume for many. We've taken her unique look and recreated it using makeup that you most likely have in your stash, making it easy and simple. All you need is your base foundation in a light skin tone to achieve Morticia's eery glow, dark eyeshadows, HD MascaraLiquid Eyeliner Pen in Black and red lipstick to finish it off. To watch this tutorial, skip to 3:52 on the video above.

Morticia Addams Makeup Tutorial

Whether you're a procrastinator or have a last minute Halloween party to attend to, we've got your back! These looks are quick to recreate and take little to no makeup products. Don't settle for a basic last-minute costume. These costumes are guaranteed to make you stand out. If you are a Lash Artist, consider retailing products like the HD Mascara and Eyeliner Pen to help your clients when they are in a planning pinch and not sure which products are safe for lash extensions!

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