October Horoscopes

Find your horoscope below to see what lash style represents your horoscope sign during this spooky season! 

Colored Lashes 

Cancer + Pisces 

Living life in color, you’re a babe that bends the rules. You never hesitate to be a little playful and creative at work or at home. You add your own unique flair to everything... even your lashes! Whether it’s subtle or bold, colored lashes enhance your look and show off your fun, creative, and free-spirited side.  

October is the month for you to try something new. It doesn’t have to be big, but switch up a makeup product in your routine, find a new route to work, or try a new coffee order. We know things get monotonous easily, so keep October spicy and fun to stay entertained in your typical routine. Try adding a Brow Lift service to your next lash appointment or to your client menu! Lash Affair offers online courses in Brow Lifts here. 

Lash Lift 

Virgo + Capricorn

You’re put together and appreciate subtle beauty. Although you may have too many responsibilities to lay down for a three-hour full set, you believe it’s important to treat yourself. You enjoy the low maintenance routine that the lash lift provides while still allowing you to feel beautiful. A lash lift is practical for Virgos and Capricorns. 

You’re feeling aggressively energetic in October. Libra and Capricorn are bouncing off the walls to accomplish their goals for 2020 despite a couple of derailments. Make sure to check in with yourself and your work ethic. You may burn out if you aren’t taking a second for you. Relax and rewind with some pampering like the relaxing smell of Tea Tree in our TLC 3-in-1 Cleanser. 

The Obsession (Volume) 

Leo + Sagittarius 

Leo and Sagittarius like to do things full out. You enjoy luxurious, glamorous services with a dramatic result. You want to have all eyes on you when you walk into the room. You’re authentic to yourself and honest. You’re passionate about everything you do from your career to your relationships. You have a mentality that pushes you to be 110% all the time. 

October is your time to have some fun babe! Go after an adventure and throw yourself into Fall. Grab your squad for a pumpkin patch trip or go apple picking with your boo. October is the time to find some fun in the negativity that has been 2020. Want an even bolder lash look for those gorgeous Instagram posts? Lash Affair HD Mascara will give your lower lashes the ‘oomph’ you need to make your eyes bright and bold. 

Spiky Texture 

Aries + Scorpio 

You’re an interesting person who starts conversations that make people think. You shake up the status quo and are the first to speak your mind. Aries and Scorpio babes will love the layers and dimensions of a textured set of lashes. Aries and Scorpios are masters at being unique. 

October brings holiday fun, and you’re ready for it. Use this spooky season to bring out your feisty side. Really putting some thought into your Halloween costume will pay off at your parties. Take the best selfies with your crew with our Lash Pro Light. This accessory will make sure you have the perfect lighting even as you party into the night. 

The Affair (Hybrid)

Gemini + Aquarius

This Hybrid set is perfect for the babe who wants a romantic and soft look while still enhancing their lash line. Gemini and Aquarius will have the perfect day to night look with The Affair lashes. Your lashes will mirror your affectionate personality mixed with your independent spirit. 

 Keep your family close this season Gemini and Aquarius. Care for your loved ones. You have an affectionate heart and want the people closest to you to be happy. Try surprising the people in your life with a gift to make their day. Your lash artist will be over the moon if you surprise her with something special. We recommend giving your lash artist some love with the adorable Mini Make Up Bag. She’ll appreciate the lash details on the tab and your thoughtfulness. 

The Tease (Classic)

 Taurus + Libra 

Taurus and Libra don’t reinvent the wheel. You stay true to their classic and are loyal to their favorite things. You are dependable and trustworthy. The Tease is the perfect set for you because you’ll get the enhancement you want without too much volume. 

This is the month for you to learn. Take leadership this month and read a book, start a new class, or suggest a new project at work. Your confidence will be at an all-time high and investment in yourself will pay off. Consider an online course to do on your own time at home. For fellow estheticians or lash artists, we suggest the ModesTease Lash Lift Course to kick start your learning. 

Please note: these horoscopes are for fun! Please take our suggestions to your trusted lash artists to create a beautiful look that suits your features. Need an artist? Book with Lash Affair Studios at www.lashaffairstudios.com. 

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