Who Has the Longest Lashes in the Animal Kingdom?

Exotic Lashes
Have you ever wandered into the world of the wild or even looked into your own pet’s eyes? If so, you may have noticed that animals have some exquisite eyelashes, and admittedly so, this may have made you a little jealous…but only in the most “awe”-ful sort of way. You may have even considered wearing false eyelashes or exploring eyelash extension training.
If you’re not wearing false eyelashes, then it’s hard to deny (unless you’re blessed with the eyelash gene of course) that your lashes are perhaps lackluster in comparison to those of animals. Mother Nature has indeed blessed so many animals with long, luxurious lashes. With beautiful lash extensions, humans too (yes, you!) can reign supreme in the kingdom.
With a little help from eyelash extension kits, the best false eyelashes can be designed by professionals. Whether natural or dramatic, fake eyelashes walk on the wild side and shine among the animals of the safari, jungle, city, or wherever your natural habitat.

Here are 10 beautiful animals that are something to bat your lashes at:

1. COW
Moooove over, ladies! With eyelashes like these, the competition is fierce. Cows are always dolled up and ready to stomp their hooves on any dance-field. Bare lashes need more cowbell and lash extensions!

cow long lashes


Thanks to some Hollywood-worthy lashes, gazelles look fabulous when gracefully leaping across the savannahs of Africa.

Gazelle Long Lashes


Rabbits see 360 degrees and are lucky enough to do so with the look of fluffy lash extensions, but they’re au naturale of course. With these unexpected gems on their eyelids and carrots in hand, lash hares are the ones you want to follow down any rabbit hole.

Bunny Long Lashes

Giraffes bring lash looks to extraordinary heights, literally. Giraffes are the tallest of terrestrial animals. With legs to die for, these outrageously tall and modelesque creatures rule the safari with their untouchable eyelashes.

Giraffe Long Lashes


Sexy Secretary is right! Who wouldn’t want to flock to these lashes? My roosting site or yours? Bird is the word when you have these stunning peepers!

Secretary Bird Long Lashes


The Alpaca’s voluminous lashes are the perfect accessory to their full, wooly coats. Alpacas are effortlessly en vogue; when well maintained, false eyelashes are the easiest year round fashion statement.

Alpaca Long Lashes


These designer dogs are adorable. But don’t let their lashes fool you! Cockapoos are always after your heart and funny bone with their unconditional love and goofy attitude. Once they win you over (and they will), the Cockapoo is a devoted companion forever loyal to sharing the lash love.

Cockapoo Long Lashes


These squeaky clean, glamour babes are some of the smartest around. Piglets have lashes so impressive that Winston Churchill once said, “Pigs look us straight in the eye and see an equal.” Pretty pigs can see eye to eye with any gorgeous set of lash extensions. Pigs are born to be social and want nothing more than to celebrate your fake eyelashes! Bottom lashes up!

Piglets Long Lashes


Classically long and elegant, elephant lashes have been making history since the days of the wooly mammoth. Just like elephant lashes, the first false eyelashes that premiered in 1916 were created long enough to brush Seena Owen’s cheeks. The style of fake eyelashes is timeless, but take it from the elephants, the best eyelash extensions should be built to last. It’s a good thing the eyelash glues and techniques of today have evolved a long way since the earlier connection to their roots. Healthy, resilient eyelashes are best for lash extensions to endure the test of time.



Not only do horses have shiny, luscious manes, but these majestic beauties are primed with the prettiest of lashes. The best eyelash extensions are breathtakingly charming and admired among the stallions. Hey, girl! Want to prance?

Horse Long Lashes


Although this little lady enhances her lashes like the rest of us, we just couldn’t resist giving her an honorable mention…

Dog Long Lashes

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