Who Has the Most Talked About Celebrity Lashes?

Celebrities always seem to have the best features right down to every eyelash resting perfectly in place. Not everyone was born with fabulous, Kardashian-esque lashes but the secret is… the Kardashians weren’t born with them either. 

It’s true that most celebrities sport lash extensions whether they’re on the red carpet or opting for a natural look. Everyone loves thicker, longer lashes. The following celebs, like us, are enamored with lash lust.

1. Kim Kardashian

While you’re keeping up with Kim Kardashian, it’s clear her stylists are keeping up with their eyelash extension and volume lash training. With killer curls on her lashes and curves on her hips, it’s no wonder Kim is a paparazzi magnet with the fattest lashes around.

Kim Kardashian Lashes

2. Lady Gaga

Even though she wasn't born this way, Lady Gaga wears the best eyelash extensions to make her eyes pop. With larger than life songs and out of this world looks, her fame has skyrocketed from starstruck to Venus. Lady Gaga avoids the bad romance of unhealthy false eyelashes by using making the switch to luxury lash extensions. Her avant-garde style deserves applause as it keeps her at the top of the charts and on the edge of glory.

Lady Gaga Lash Extensions

3. Christina Aguilera

In the spotlight, Christina is either fanning her lashes on the street or strutting her stuff on stage. No matter what the occasion her fake eyelashes remain beautiful. They exemplify what a difference having a stylist with great eyelash extension and volume lash training can make. Christina knows what a girl wants, and that's to have the best eyelash extensions.

Christina Aguilera Lash Extensions

4. Adele

With heartwarming lyrics, the one and only Adele has won our hearts while setting fire to the rain. She is an elegant, British beauty with power in her voice and soul in her eyes. Whether chasing pavements, rolling in the deep, or turning tables, her lash extensions turn heads.

Adele Lash Extensions

5. Katy Perry

This Cali gal makes her lash extensions like birthdays; she celebrates them every day. With help from the best eyelash extension kits and supplies, her beauty is truly hypnotizing. It’s evident that Katy got lash extensions and she liked it!

Katy Perry Lash Extensions

6. Rihanna

Whether au naturale or covered in rhinestones from lash to toe, this edgy vixen has proved her music is here to stay. Never unfaithful to her fills, Rihanna has found love with lashes and knows the importance of taking care of her eyelash extensions. They keep her ever-ready for all of the lights, so she never has to stop the music to apply mascara.

Rihanna Lash Extensions

7. Gwen Stefani

There is no doubt Gwen Stefani is a beauty and fashion icon. This uber-talented stunner has woven together her pop-rocker style to create a successful empire. Underneath it all, the down-to-earth Gwen would simply say she’s just a girl with classic red lips and hella good lash extensions.

Gwen Stefani Lash Extensions

8. Nicki Minaj 

Va Va Voom! Nicki Minaj’s fly-ness is a tightly wrapped, explosive package of good looks and glitz. She is a bold leader, so it’s no wonder this trendsetter is known for her gorgeous eyelashes. Nicki’s looks are achieved with the best eyelash adhesives and eyelash extensions. From rapper to Idol judge, Nicki’s extensions have been a big hit and undoubtedly have helped her pound the alarm.

Nicki Minaj Lash Extensions

9. Beyonce

Currently, on the run as Mrs. Carter, Beyonce Knowles has made it her destiny to run the world with her eyelashes. Her stylists must be crazy in love with the lash adhesive because this diva wakes up flawless every day. They obviously know the importance of having an irreplaceable repertoire of classic eyelash extension and volume training to keep Beyonce’s lashes on top.

Beyonce's Lash Extensions

10. Paris Hilton

We can only assume this natural beauty prefers eyelash extensions as the perfect complement to her gorgeous features. Paris Hilton has made a simple life of traveling the world and looking good. Her unique Hollywood stardom is an extravagant cocktail of Beverly Hills mixed with a little bit of NYC plus a whole lot of lash.

Paris Hilton Lash Extensions

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