Eyelash Extension Adhesive, Primer, Remover

The glue for eyelash extensions can make or break any lash set. We know the best glue for eyelash extensions isn’t one-size-fits-all and depends on the client and the environment. Lash Affair offers a wide variety of eyelash extension glue, so you can base your decision on humidity, strength, and client sensitivity.

Lash Affair’s collection of =glue for eyelash extensions= includes:

  • EU-Approved — meets European-Union cosmetic product legislation
  • High Humidity — specifically formulated for humidity between 50-80%
  • Low Humidity — specifically formulated for humidity between 16-30%
  • Quick-Cure — cures in 1-2 seconds with maximum strength bond
  • Sensitive — latex-free and low fumes mean it’s friendly for sensitive clients. 
In addition to eyelash extension glue, Lash Affair offers cleanser, primer, and remover solutions as well.