What Our Clients Are Saying

"My instructor was amazing and set realistic expectations for us. She was informative and I trust her! I look forward to having her as my mentor for the years to come and to follow in her successful footsteps!" ~ Michelle

"My instructor was extremely thorough! She explained everything with tons of detail. I'm so excited that I took this class! I learned so much from it and am really happy to start taking clients after everything I learned." ~Ashley 

"My instructor was very honest and hands on. She never showed frustration when having to answer several questions. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to get the best training possible for lash extensions. Very informative and hands on." ~ Carri 

"I wanted to email and let you and the company know that I had a great experience with my volume training. My instructor is an asset to your company and is thorough on how she trains. She has passion and is talented in what she does. I feel like I made the right choice in training with Lash Affair, as it could be overwhelming with all the other brands that are out there on the market. I appreciate all the information, manuals and the great hands on training. It's always a good feeling when you spend the money and you feel it was worth it. I appreciate the ongoing support that I will receive in future and thus far.” ~ Adriana

“My instructor was awesome, I like the most that she will hold my hand and show me how to put the fan lashes on. And she is sooooo wiling to answer all the questions I had. This is my first time on the eyelashes class, so I got all I want, and my instructor was very helpful." ~Rachel 

“The class was awesome. My instructor made it fun, but stayed very professional and very informative! Gave good amount of time on hands on demonstration and enough time for us to practice to be confident. Great advice and preparation for the real business world!!” ~ Katie 

“My instructor was great. I felt informed and comfortable by the time I was working on my models. I learn best when watching someone do it and then doing it myself so it was good to have two models and to watch my instructor work on her model the first day. I still feel like I have a way to go before I am confident, but I do feel I now have the tools to eventually get there. I really enjoyed taking the Classic Lash course with my great instructor! She did a great job of covering all the main points but kept the class fun and entertaining. Would highly recommend this class!” ~Shelly

“My experience with Lash Affair was super amazing. Best choice I've ever made. And my instructor made my experience even better.” ~Bruce 

“I have been a licensed nail technician for over 25 years and needed to change my career path, had eyelash extensions done on myself and fell in love with idea that this could be it!!! I found Lash Affair and got certified and now I am in my happy place!!!! Love what I do!!!! I LOVE lashes!!!!” ~Dawn

“I am an independent Lash Artist who is following her dream to open a successful day spa. I find lashing to be very therapeutic and rewarding is many different ways. Finding Lash Affair was a godsend, honestly! Before I discovered this amazing company I was beginning to feel alone and in need of some mentorship. The training is beyond thorough. I must now "get good at volume techniques, and fast" so I can become a trainer myself! Thank you Lash Affair!” ~ Dana

“I am still on a high from my two-day volume class. I had spent one on one mentoring time with Lash Affair and thought my instructor was extremely knowledgeable and professional from the second we met. The class was no exception. My instructor was prepared informed and ready to teach us. She showed us several different techniques and worked with us all individually to make sure we felt comfortable. The second day was awesome since we got to work on two different models. Our instructor taught us how to do a 15 minute consultation to make sure we were designing a look that was right for our models eye shape, something I never learned through my original lash training which unfortunately was not through Lash Affair. I would recommend this course to anyone in a heartbeat! The cost included a great kit and the instruction provided is priceless!” ~ Paola 

“Loved my instructor, and love the brand! Very personable and professional. Great customer service and wonderful products.” ~Caitlin

“I can't thank Lash Affair Academy enough! The training I received is so exciting and instilled the confidence that I can become a lash artist. The class taught me technique and all about the lash industry and the products associated with it. The manual contains the answers to so many questions above and beyond what I expected. I am sure I will be referring to it for assistance in the future. I am so happy that I chose Lash Affair Academy so that I will always have the support from the great team at Lash Affair. All in all, a lot of fun while being a great education. Thank You!” ~Laurel

“I just completed the class and first of all I wanted to thank you for being a great company and being thorough, not to mention my wonderful instructor. I took a class five years ago with another company and never received as good of training as I did with your class. This is why I never gave it my full attention and moved on. Thank you for everything.” ~Tanya

“I have previously taken other lash classes and felt very uncomfortable. I didn’t know/understand the process to service clients. With Lash Affair and my amazing Instructor, I feel very confident to start lashing immediately. I love the way she built up my confidence.” ~ Amanda

“I loved my Volume Class. My instructor was awesome and I felt that she made it so fun and easy. If you’re thinking about taking a volume class, take it from Lash Affair. ~Marisa

“My instructor was very helpful in assisting me with application and her explanations on proper procedures were thorough.” ~Suzette

”I have been a cosmetologist for over 16 years. I deal with people with hair loss or slow growth issues. This will be a perfect new option for my clients and an exciting new venture for me. My favorite thing about the class was how patient my instructor was and how detailed her explanations/demonstrations were.” ~ Beth 

“My instructor did a great job helping to perfect my technique without making me feel criticized. She is a natural Instructor.” ~Joann

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