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Discovering a passion for lash extensions is exciting, but actually pursuing a career in lashing is a life-changing, exhilarating experience. Nothing compares to the feeling of knowing that you’re going for your dream!

Taking the plunge into the lashing world? Congrats! It’s no doubt a rewarding and glamorous profession, but it’s also challenging at the same time. You need patience, attention to detail, extensive knowledge (from products to different styles) and even business savviness — which is why getting the best training possible is invaluable.

Whether you’ve been an esthetician for years or you’re re-careering entirely, all aspiring lash artists should learn from a highly skilled and experienced lashing professional. As you search for the best lash training classes and trainers, who can prepare you to succeed, check out this 6-point checklist to follow so you can learn from the best: 

1| Credentials


Do your research. Top-performing and trustworthy lash artists will list their certifications and licenses. Plus, since techniques, products and trends are always developing, lash learning is never-ending. Great artists set an example by continuing their education to learn more and exploring opportunities to grow outside their comfort zone. (It also doesn't hurt if your trainer is associated with a well-known, high-end brand and industry leader in certification!)

2| Hands-On Learning


A lash extension manual is helpful to study and have on hand as a resource. And it’s beneficial to explore YouTube and look online for lashing methods — but the most effective learning happens during practical, hands-on training side-by-side with a trainer. A qualified course will have you progress from working on a mannequin to applying lashes on a live model.

3| Ongoing Support and Mentorship

Completing a course doesn’t mean your relationship with your trainer has to end. Often instructors become mentors who are personally involved and dedicated to helping their students confidently progress throughout their career. In the right certification program, a student will never feel alone in the journey. He or she knows they can reach out for advice or get quick replies to questions.

4| Team Environment

Lani Amuse of La Muse Beauty Studio in Phoenix, AZ, said she “learned how important it is to have a fantastic group of business women to support each other and grow with you.” A focus on relationship building, friendship and collaboration can make all the difference in your lash extensions training experience. A team-oriented, inspiring and most importantly, a positive learning environment is also impactful; you’ll want to avoid trainers who give bad vibes and talk poorly of other trainers or other companies.

5| Fun Opportunities

An excellent lash trainer is so passionate about lashing that she truly invests in her career by attending professional development events and even competitions. It’s important to have fun with lashing and get outside the salon! Advanced training for eyelash extensions doesn't have to be all hard work and study.

6| Strong Digital Presence


* Lash Affair Trainer Kristen's Professional IG Page *

When you want to know more about something, where are the first places you look for more information? Google and social media. And the same goes for learning more about lash artists. Trainers tend to have more credibility when they have a website, blog and active social media account like Instagram that represents their brand. Checking on their out these platforms will help you gain more insight, from qualifications and experience, to work and style.

Now that you know what to look for in a qualified trainer, check out our upcoming class dates and email to get your academy questions answered. Our trainers are passionate about meeting high standards and your expectations. You can also press the call now button to speak to our Academy Director today. Make your dream of lashing a reality!

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