5 Things to Look for in an Lash Training

So you want to be the go-to lash professional that everyone turns to when they need to give their look a little va-va-voom? That could be you, all right — but it all depends on the instruction that you receive in eyelash training. Earning your lash certification is a major deal, after all, which is why it’s important to seek out the best of the best in the industry. Here are five things to consider when you begin researching what the best eyelash extension training is for you.


There’s no need to beat around the bush—you want to get your money’s worth, but you don’t necessarily want to give up your life’s savings. Lash Affair offers excellent payment plans and allows you, the student, to select the terms that best suit your needs. Lash extension classes range from zero dollars to thousands, and the price doesn't always match the quality. Although money is one important aspect, because of this, it isn't all you should focus on.


It takes practice, understanding, and real finesse to become a lash expert. That’s why learning from some of the industry’s most experienced professionals is so important. Not only is it rewarding for them to extend their own knowledge to you, but it also ensures that you’ll learn it all. When looking at class options, see how easy it is to find out who the trainers are and take it upon yourself to do some snooping. Some questions to consider are:

  • How long have the instructors been lashing?
  • Do they own their own business and make a living in the field? 
  • Are they active and inspirational to the lash community on social media?

Lash Affair by J. Paris hand selects only the best in lash artistry to become trainers. That is one reason that we keep our training team small and send them all over the world to teach. It keeps the teaching consistent and allows us to ensure our students are getting the best from us! Take it from one of our students, Carri, who said, “My instructor was very honest and hands on. She never showed frustration when having to answer several questions. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to get the best training possible for lash extensions.”


After you complete your lash extension training and earn your eyelash extension certification, you may be a little confused about the next step. Lash Affair won’t leave you to navigate those uncharted territories on your own. Graduates receive continued guidance and mentorship from their trainer, as well as our whole team at headquarters. By offering ongoing mentorship, our lash students will always have someone they can turn to for help and advice. Lash Affair goes above and beyond to make sure our graduates have access to continuing education.

4.Ongoing Education

Maybe you plan to take a break during the course of your career and then return at a later point. Whatever your future goals, rest assured that Lash Affair will be there to help you get back to lashing with ease. As our graduate, Katie, puts it, "Great advice and preparation for the real business world!!”


At Lash Affair, your class supplies are completely flexible. You can customize what you want to take home in order to make the course as affordable as possible for your needs. Graduates also receive a store discount, as well as wholesale lash discounts, for when you are ready to move to the next level in your business.

In order to become a skilled professional that your clients absolutely trust, it’s vital to receive classic and volume lash training from a team that truly knows the ins and outs of the craft. Count on the experts at Lash Affair to share their knowledge with you — and ensure that you graduate from your eyelash extension training with the confidence to embark on an incredible career. 

Join us at one of our next trainings.

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