3 Benefits of Volume Lash Certification

If you want to grow your lash extension business, expand the type of lash extension services you offer. Volume lashes, also known as Russian Volume, differ from classic lash styles by offering — like the name implies — more volume. Instead of attaching a single lash extension to a single natural lash, like in classic application, volume lash extensions feature two or more thinner extensions per natural lash.

Even if you're already certified in classic lash extension application, volume lash extension application is much more complex and requires additional training. At Lash Affair, we recommend having at least six months' worth of experience with classic lash application before studying volume lash application

Some ways to know if you are ready is the ability to do a full set of properly applied classic lashes, at least 90 percent full, in two hours. Properly applied meaning that there are no stuck together lashes, lash extensions are placed 1-2mm away from the skin, and you are not using extensions that are more than 4mm longer than the natural lash. Certification legitimizes your offering of this service. Here are a few reasons to pursue volume lash certification.


1 | Volume Lash Theory Is Best Explained Through Formal Classroom Instruction

Everybody has a different type of preferred learning style, from visual, to verbal, to physical. A classroom environment where all types of learning are addressed means you can get a formal certification in a setting where you can really grasp the concepts. Lash Affair's combination of formal classroom instruction and hands-on practice meets various kinds of learning style needs.

When you learn at Lash Affair, you also get access to the Lash Diary, a comprehensive lash manual that's like the bible of lash extensions tips, tricks, and best practices. You can always look back on the manual when working with future clients.

Theory classes are essential for volume lash application because applying two or more extensions to a natural lash requires complex precision. Handmade volume is superior to pre-made lash fans because handmade volume offers a longer-lasting set of volume lashes. 

The handmade fan wraps around natural lashes, so weight is evenly distributed and damage is avoided.

A volume lash class is more of a “graduate level” class for lash artists who are already experienced. In class, lash artists can ask questions that relate to their own unique experiences and apply what they already know as they're learning. 


2 | Volume Lash Applications Should Be Practiced on Live Models

Becoming a master at volume lashes without training is time-consuming, and quality is never guaranteed. When you learn and practice on live models, you get instant instructor feedback, and learning is accelerated. You can become a better lash artist with expert training, guidance, and assessment.

In Lash Affair's two-day volume lash certification, students get an hour of live demos on the first day, followed by two-and-a-half hours of practice. On day two, students participate in two rounds of live model applications. 

Extensive practice, plus supervised instruction and testing, provide lash artists with valuable feedback. You'll be able to easily learn how improvements can be made for volume lash application.


3 | Lash Certification Provides Valuable Networking + Mentorship

When you're growing your business, networking is key. A few benefits of networking include:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Improved interpersonal skills
  • Learning opportunities from others 
  • Useful connections that can lead to business referrals

A volume lash certification introduces you to an elite group of experienced lash artist professionals. For example, at Lash Affair, all graduates benefit from continued support and professional mentoring from instructors. Some of the advantages of having a mentor include having a friend to talk to about your experience in the industry and having someone who will continue teaching you new insights even after certification.

You'll also be connected with a group of professionals from the Lash Affair family, where you can ask questions, gather insight and tips, learn about insider techniques and products, and grow your professional reputation. You can also share news about your business and grow your referrals.


Volume Lash Application Certification Is Essential for Lash Artists

If you want to apply volume lashes, getting certified is a must. Lash extension clients are savvier than ever before, and many will ask you about your training and certifications. When you have a well-respected brand like Lash Affair as your academy, your clients can be assured they're in great hands with you as their lash artist. They'll be happy to spread the word about your work, since your credentials back up your skills.

You can learn more about Lash Affair's Lash Certifications and Training here.


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