Growing Your Lash Business / 3 Tips from the Top

For the ambitious business owner and wildly passionate lash artist, there's always room to become and conquer more. Success means never settling, and your eyes are always fixed toward the future. 

Now what? Before you dive into your next endeavor, contemplate the following three pieces of advice. You have the hunger, determination and most likely, fear. But just make sure that you're in a good place to take the plunge in the best direction. You may never be ready, but you can be prepared for the choices you make. 


LASH TIP 1 | Tap into your self worth

Like any entrepreneur who wants to elevate their business, you may question yourself as a lash artist, from your lashing skill set to your business savviness. It’s not uncommon for lash artists to feel doubtful throughout the course of their journey—it’s hard work! Even the most successful entrepreneurs may ask, “Do I deserve this? How long will this even last?”

Take the time to breathe, step back and re-evaluate your self-worth. If you’re struggling with feeling good enough or de-valuing yourself as a lash artist, then you’re setting yourself up to trip and fall before you step ahead. Self-assurance and confidence are ingredients for advancement. Look inwardly, and ask yourself:


  • Why was I initially passionate about lashing? What’s my purpose now?
  • How much have I grown and accomplished since I first started?
  • What challenges have gotten me to where I am today?
  • Am I comparing myself to others? Why? Is that working for me?
  • What is my personal definition of success? What am I doing and not doing to achieve that with my business?
  • Are my goals right for me? Do I have a clear set of goals?


Strive to run your business in a way that aligns with your passion, values, and vision, and then develop the readiness to grow from a self-worth perspective.


LASH TIP 2 | Tweak your business

The goal is to always to move up, right? Sometimes boosting your success is more about focusing on “transforming” your business after it's been established. Is your business currently running 100 percent how you'd like it to be? If not, explore tweaking your business before taking on a major next step like hiring staff or opening an independent location. Think of the following as examples of mini ways to evolve your business, so you can have a solid foundation before embarking on the next path.  

By adopting new and different business practices, you can shape your business into what you want it to be. (You'll see that your business may naturally start to grow with new successes as a result.)

LASH TIP 3 | Define Your next Step

So, you’re in a great place and ready to make moves—because that’s what every hardworking, driven entrepreneur and passionate lash artist does, right? Yes, but make sure where you want to go from here is truly what you want. There are many paths to take in the lashing industry and “expanding” doesn’t have to mean hiring employees, creating a new shop or opening a second location. Explore options (and your dreams!):

  • Go into product development and create your own line of eyelash extension products
  • Become a brand ambassador or social media influencer
  • Give back to the industry as an educator and mentor to train and empower lashing newbies
  • Create resources: Publish your website, start a podcast or write a blog
  • Write a manual or put together professional eyelash extension kits for sale

What’s your gift to give? Maybe your goals have shifted since you first entered the industry. Perhaps you want to go in a different direction since your life has changed. Try to avoid the “I should’s” and discover how you want to make a difference. Sell lash extension products by signing up for a distributor account. Collaborate and partner with another lash artist. Become a lashing coach. The rapidly rising industry is yours to impact the way you desire! 




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