Be Above Board in Your Salon

When clients go searching for a long-term lash artist, they’re not just looking for another basic service. A lash salon should inspire return visits — a desire to experience a personalized break from their busy schedule. Reaching this goal means executing ways to "be above board" in all the daily operations at your salon. In other words, enhance your spa's perks and services past the basic standards set by the board of cosmetology. Infusing your salon with personalized care leads to customer loyalty, larger tips, and most importantly, enthusiasm for your lash studio. Clients will spread the word to all their close friends about the one-of-a-kind experience you provide.

Make a Strong First Impression

Chances are, your client has fit this appointment into their schedule of work and other obligations. Offering basic refreshments such as decaf coffee and tea--avoid caffeinated beverages to decrease fluttering eyelids--pre-packaged snacks or lemon and mint-infused water can shift their mindset from their outside life to the salon. This low-cost addition is especially helpful for transitions between customers, catching each person right when they arrive. Consider adding these small perks in addition to your monthly order of eyelash extension supplies to create and cultivate a welcoming space for each client.

Streamline Appointment Setting

If you manage all aspects of your studio, including repetition, find additional ways to streamline appointment setting and confirmation for both you and your clients. Also, consider the use of a booking system that manages confirmations and appointment reminders automatically. Provide multiple ways for a client to arrange an appointment, adding reminders and confirmations where appropriate. Straightforward, one or two-click online options simplifies this task. 

Offer Client-Specific Perks

Above all, each client longs to feel personally appreciated. By included perks such as birthday gift cards or discounts, clients are reminded to make an appointment while building their sense of loyalty to your unique business. For an extra touch, consider handwriting a small note or email for their birthday catered specifically to them.

Curate Mood-Based Playlists

Performing lash extension services is a concentrated process, both for the artist and the client. Creating a sense of calm and distraction through ambient, restful music redirects the attention from the lash extension process and may even encourage your clients to nod off. Explore acoustic playlists of popular songs or a mix of instrumental tunes. Go a step further and speak with your frequent clients about their favorite artists and genres to make a playlist for their arrival.

Share Your Expertise

As a lash specialist, you provide unique access to advice for maintaining and enhancing healthy lashes. Offer an add-on consultation for new or ongoing appointments to advise clients on topics such as the best glue for eyelash extensions or necessary aftercare for keeping eyes looking fresh. Consider mini-consults for new clients and offer more extensive ones for those looking to grow their lash-safe cosmetic collection. Combine group offers for bridal showers, ladies' spa days and other beauty-related parties.

Most importantly, it’s imperative to remain prepared for all your clients’ needs. Join Lash Affair’s Wholesale program to keep your salon stocked at wholesale prices as clients learn and become more enthusiastic about lash extension-safe makeup and aftercare. Working as both an artist and business owner means making your service unique to your own personality, and there are plenty of ways to be above board in your salon in a unique way.

Ginny Bartalone  
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