How to Become a Male Beauty Boss

How to Become a Male #beautyboss


Girls may run the world. But boys are running the beauty scene. 

Thanks to social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, men in the beauty industry are gaining more visibility than ever. They are the go-to voices for so many makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts, regardless of their gender. Not to mention, so many of these male beauty bosses on social media are #flawless

Take the male make-up artist, Manny Gutierrez, also known as MannyMUA who has over 4M followers on Instagram and 3.5M subscribers on YouTube, where his videos have received more than 211M views. As one of the original male beauty vloggers, Manny has inspired countless other male makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts to share their passion for cosmetics on YouTube and other social media platforms.   

Earlier this year, Manny became the first-ever male ambassador for Maybelline New York, joining the ranks of other Latina ambassadors, such as Adriana Lima and Christie Turlington. Getting to this point in his career wasn't always easy — not only as a male beauty vlogger but as a Latino and a member of the LGBTQ community. Manny has been faced with criticism and negativity even before he landed in the spotlight, but his positivity and strong work ethic have continued to pay off. 

Aspiring male beauty bosses face many challenges, much like Manny's experiences, based on gender and sexual orientation. Manny continues to overcome many of these difficulties on social media and in the industry by being unapologetically true to himself and by being fearless. Lashelle Ullie, celebrity lash and brow artist at Damone Roberts Beverly Hills, faced objections when he first entered the beauty industry. He states. "There were many times I felt outcasted (in the industry) especially when I began doing facials. Women were skeptical about me treating their face." He had to go above and beyond by doing, "complimentary services as well as walk them through the facial (step-by-step)--asking questions that related personally to their skin in a very detailed way." Though fear may have been a factor in his journey, Lashelle worked hard to learn the details of many skin care and cosmetic lines which "helped build their confidence in (his) services."

The beauty industry is now more gender fluid than ever yet fear is a significant factor holding back many male beauty experts from pursuing a career in the lash industry. 

What's Fear got to do with it?

Fear motivates our insecurities in life, relationships, and the workplace. It fuels what makes us feel uneasy and insecure. Mostly it is the fear of the unknown. By identifying the underlying cause of fear, and by removing it, we're then able to overcome any setbacks that keep us from going after our dreams. 

Fear of rejection is a common insecurity that many men, both in real life and in the beauty industry, face. Ullie faced this rejection head-on when "an employer in the past told (him that he) wasn't a 'real' makeup artist because (he) came from a retail background." Ullie stated, "It hurt me so much so, that for years I would second guess myself when I compared (my skills) to other artists in the industry." However, with time and through the support of others, Ullie realized just how wrong she was. He says, "My retail experience made me a better artist due to the fact I could educate clients in a way other artists could not. Having that (retail experience) is still gaining me a loyal clientele."

For those who are interested in a career as a lash artist but are apprehensive because of their gender, consider the number of women who are supporters of MannyMUA and other male beauty vloggers and influencers. They don't fear a man in the beauty industry; they embrace it. 

Women have a responsibility to create an inviting atmosphere where beauty-focused men can feel free to express themselves and their craft. Lash Affair by J. Paris embraces a no-shaming atmosphere to make sure that every student feels comfortable and can learn equally. 

But it's not just women; men have a responsibility to support one another and be a community that builds up instead of tearing down. In addition to having to earn the trust and respect of his female clientele, Ullie went on to share that "other obstacles came from men in the industry. There was an underlying feeling among other male artists that there was only room for a few of (them) at a time." Unfortunately, there are "still male artists that think this way," says Ullie.

Taking risks is a massive contributor to being fearless. Without risktakers, there would be no innovation. You may have to risk being the only male in your city with a makeup tutorial channel on YouTube, or you may be the one male in your lash extension class or salon. But the more you put yourself out there, the more you will feel comfortable doing so, and you will inspire others to do the same. Confidence is cultivated. It grows with time and through overcoming uncomfortable situations. 

Lash Affair Academy Embraces building up your confidence as a man in the lash industry.

The hardest part is arguably the first step. But with the right attitude, you can create a successful career in the beauty industry. Remember to take it one step at a time, and that there's no better time to start than right now. Women have made considerable strides in the last 50 years in creating a new workplace culture. A workplace where women feel empowered to be a #girlboss. A workplace where intimidation doesn't need to be a factor. It wasn't an overnight transformation, but it took early adopters to stick their necks out, speak up, and join forces. Men in the beauty industry are picking up momentum. More and more men are stepping up to the plate and speaking out for equality in the beauty scene. 

When asked if being a male has made it easier or harder to grow a lash clientele, Lashelle exclaimed, "Building a lash clientele has definitely been easier. My skills in makeup and brow sculpting were my gateway to showing my talents and of course my passion!!!"

Are you ready to take the next step into the unknown? To take your passion to the next level like Lashelle, Manny, and others have done? Attending a lash training program is a great way to add a very marketable and highly desirable skill set to your beauty résumé. Lash Affair offers lash certification courses where male beauty bosses can learn a new skill and overcome fear to pursue their beauty dreams. Learn more about Lash Affair Academy and the opportunities that await you.

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