How to Refer a Reputable Lash Artist to a Relocating Client

Your longtime client is relocating and she is counting on you to recommend a trustworthy lash artist in her soon-to-be new home. How do you choose who to refer them to? Do you even know a lash artist in the city she is moving to? What’s the best way to transition your client to the new lash artist? Many of these questions are running through your mind and you may be feeling like the pressure is on at this point. But don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the best ways for finding, vetting, and giving the absolute best referrals to your relocating client. 

How to Find Great Options for Your Client 

If you don’t already know a lash artist in the area your client is moving to, then it’s time to start Nancy Drew-ing. Okay, it may not require secret detective work, but it’s definitely time to tap into your network of lash artists. Join groups like Eyelash Extensions 101 to put your need out for an artist in the area your client is moving to. People might have connections that you otherwise wouldn't be able to make on your own. According to the Golden Rule of Referrals, there are four important attributes you should look for in the lash artist you are referring your client to: 

  1. Easy to deal with - A positive attitude from the other lash artist will ensure a smooth transition for all parties involved. 
  2. Talented - The lash artist you choose should be the best at what they do. 
  3. Reliable - Remember your client is trusting you to send her to the best person, so it makes you look bad too if the artist you choose is unreliable (i.e., cancels appointments, does a poor job). 
  4. Grateful - Just because you’re the best at what you do, doesn’t mean you can’t be humble. Your referral should be thankful that you gave them a new client. You should feel confident about the type of person you are referring your client to. 

And even when all of the above criteria are met and you think you’ve found the perfect person for your client, you’ll still want to do some additional research. Use social media, like Instagram and Yelp, to your advantage to help find a couple of more options. Giving your client more than one option shows that you're trustworthy, well-networked and caring. Plus, this will help maintain the client experience and even give you some extra referral kudos from fellow lash artists! Properly executing the referral, once you’ve found the referral or referrals you want to give, can be done in several ways.

Name Dropping 

If you personally know the lash artist you’re referring your client to, then a name-dropping referral would most likely be the best route. For example, you could tell your client, “When you book your lash appointment with [lash artist’s name], say [your name] sent you and she will make sure to take care of you!” However, it’s important to make sure the lash artist knows you’re sending someone her way, otherwise things could get awkward. 

Email Referrals

You might decide to use an email (or DM on social media) referral if you don’t know the lash artist you’re sending your client to. Sending a quick message letting the lash artist know that you have a client relocating will show that you took the time to research their work and actually care about the client. 

The “Perfect” Referral

The ideal referral is one where both the lash artist and the client agree to be a good fit for each other. This may sound a bit tricky, but if you’re there throughout the entire transition, things are sure to go smoothly! Take it a step further by texting both your client and her new lash artist after the initial appointment to follow up and see how things went. This will garner you respect and gratitude from all sides. 

Ensure a Positive Experience

Referrals not only make clients feel cared for, but they also help to grow your own lash business through word-of-mouth reputation-building. But no matter which type of referral method you choose, remember to always put your client first to ensure a positive experience for everyone. You can learn more about offering a great client experience by reading Renew Your Client Experience in 3 Steps

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