Irregularities in Adhesive // Don't Lose Your Clients Over It

Your clients may not have the best retention and they haven't changed anything in their routine, so you may automatically shift your blame to your lash adhesive. However, you should hold off on coming to the conclusion that your bottle of adhesive is bad until you've dug a little deeper. Let's get into the three things to consider when investigating the link between poor retention and lash extension adhesive.


Unfortunately, lash adhesive fails sometimes, or isn’t able to retain lash extensions for an optimal period of time. This can be frustrating for both you and your clients. Let’s take a look at the three most common issues lash artists encounter with lash adhesives and how to not lose your clients over it.


Lash Adhesive Humidity Chart

One of the more important steps that often gets overlooked is measuring the humidity in the salon before applying your client’s lash extensions. Humidity in the atmosphere can affect the way that the lash adhesive bonds to the natural lash. The higher the humidity level, the faster the lash adhesive cures. If your salon tends to have higher humidity, we recommend using Love Potion #9 Lash Extensive Adhesive, which is specifically formulated for temperatures around 75 degrees with about 55 percent humidity. On the other hand, if your working environment humidity is on the lower side (i.e., under 45 percent), then The One: Lash Extension Adhesive is the perfect choice for you. Another option for low humidity is to use a Nano Mister to speed up the curing process.

2. You Didn't Store Your Lash Adhesive Correctly

Lash Affair's Airtight Adhesive Storage

Another reason why irregularities in adhesive occur is that your lash adhesive was improperly stored. One mistake lash artists make is opening the bottle of adhesive and storing it in the refrigerator. This is a taboo since the condensation from the fridge will build up inside the bottle, causing the adhesive to cure. This causes your adhesive to thicken, making it difficult to work with and producing strong fumes. To avoid this, you should always store your lash adhesive upright in an airtight container to protect it from moisture and other elements. Lash Affair offers an airtight adhesive storage, A Lil' Love Shack, to properly store your adhesive in style.

3. Your Client Wasn't Prepped

Lash Affair's Lash Cleanser

If your client’s lashes aren’t properly cleaned and prepped, then oil and makeup can breakdown lash adhesive, causing the extensions to not hold properly. Before beginning the lashing process, prep your clients with TLC 3-in-1 Lash Cleanser. This cleanser can help cleanse your client’s lashes and the surrounding skin to ensure that no debris ruins what would’ve been a perfect set of lash extensions. 

How to Address a Bad Customer Experience

Even if you’ve carefully considered the three scenarios above, your client may still end up unhappy. So, how do you keep a client coming back even when they’re unhappy with your services? The following are just a few tips to use to improve your lash business’ customer experience:

  • Always prioritize customer lifetime value. Determine which clients will keep coming back, providing loyalty and revenue for your business. Loyal clients are always worth going that extra mile for. 
  • Build strong client relationships. Clients want to feel important, so make the effort to personalize every lash session for each client. Ask about their family or their job, make them feel like they’re more than just another client. 
  • Reward client loyalty. Offer loyal clients rewards for coming back to you. Special discounts, exclusive deals, and referral bonuses are just a few ways you can get clients coming back and maybe even bring friends with them! 


Don’t let retention issues come between you and your clients. Take the appropriate measures to guarantee that your clients leave happy and keep coming back for beautiful, long-lasting lashes. For more information about how to give your client flawless lash extensions, browse Lash Affair's diverse selection of adhesives, primers, and removers

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