March Lash Artist of the Month Spotlight- Lisa Mayer


Time to take a deeper look into the life of celebrity Lash Artist, Lisa Mayer, who won Lash Affair's Lash Artist of the month for March 2017.


  • IG name: @petitespa + @feather_lashandbrow
  • Best way to connect with you:
  • Where do you work: Petite Spa
  • How long have you been lashing: 10 years
  • Classic Certification: Lavish Lashes, JB Lashes
  • Volume Certification: My Brand Lashes, Nadia from Eye Design
  • Advanced Volume Certification: Maven Artistry
  • Microblading Certification: Irena Chen with World of Microblading

What is your story? 

I grew up in Northern California and always dreamt of owning my own business.  When I moved to Los Angeles in the hope of finding my passion in life, I stumbled across the skin care industry and felt a connection in making people feel good.

After beauty school, I decided to open Petite Spa in 2003.

Since I was a young girl, I've had an affinity for eyes and naturally progressed towards eyelash extensions which I've been obsessing over ever since. When I'm not working, I enjoy gardening, beadwork, cooking, and spending time with my man and my animals.

How did you hear about Lash Affair?

I heard about Lash Affair from Instagram 

What’s your favorite Lash Affair product?

I love the Ménage à Trois - Multi Length Volume Lashes in C or D-curl in .10mm. They give my Classic lash sets more of a Volume Lash look, or what's known as a Hybrid or Mixed Lash Set.

What advice would you give a new lash artist?

It's better to get ten well mounted and placed lashes on, than twenty, wild, crisscrossed ones. Also always make sure to look at your client's eyes open before creating your look, or the clients requested look. This is important because, for example, if a client has slightly droopy eyes, a cat eye shape will need to be modified with shorter lashes at the very end or a D-curl to lift the droopy area.

LA Tip: Use Lash Affair Lash Map™ Stickers to help you be consistent in your lash sets!

What the best way you’ve found to attain and retain your clients?

I've had the same clients coming to me for years. The ambiance is important in your lash room; keep it cozy. I'm a perfectionist, and if the lashes don't look amazing after every full set or fill, I'll immediately get them back on the table and perfect them. They love this about me.

"By keeping standards high, my clients are my walking advertisement."

-Lisa Mayer


What is your favorite thing about being a lash artist?

My favorite aspect of being an artist is creating a beautiful look, whether it be with eyelash extensions, eyebrows, or both, and seeing the confidence it brings my clients. I also enjoy connecting with my clients. The connection is strong because I create a safe place for them to come and relax. I help them wind down by having soft music playing and a comfy table which is heated and has 3-inch foam on it. Most of them express that they never want to get up!

I also take the time to make sure my clients are happy with the look I've created. I'm a great listener, which benefits me because my clients don't feel like I overpower them. Unless, of course, their eyes are moving too much while talking, then I take control and tell them it's time to rest. ;)

I also compliment my clients after each service, telling them how beautiful they look. When I do this I see their faces light up. A small word of encouragement goes a long way with everyone, especially our clients. 

LA Tip: Check out this short video with CNN Cheif Medical Correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the power of a compliment!


What sets you apart from other lash artists?

I've been lashing for a long time, and I've figured out I don't like a set of lashes that lack dimension. I see this a lot in other lash artist's work. In most training courses, students are told to use certain curls for certain eye shapes and that is it as far as customizing. So when I first got certified, I was just using .15 thickness throughout the whole set, leaving the set looking flat and boring.

So I started experimenting with different lengths, curls, and thicknesses which I began incorporating into all my sets. This method gives my clients a voluminous look using classic lashes.

Here's an example of my signature lash style I call the Multi-Media Method!  If a client doesn't have a ton of lashes but wants an eyeliner look at the base of their lash line, then, taking eye shape and lash health into consideration, I do the following...

I'll start by using the tape up method; taping the lashes back letting the lower layer of lashes stand out. I will then lash them with 8mm C-curl all the way across in either .12 or .15 depending on natural lash thickness. Next, I'll remove the tape and add five .20 J-curl (the forgotten curl) which I use to mark my design. Next, to finish the look, I'll mix D-curl 9mm for the inner corner, then transfer to C-curl in .12 and .15 in the following order of lengths to the outer corner, 10mm-11mm-12mm-11mm-10mm. This creates what's called, in the lash map world, the kitten eye look. This look is so amazing, it's hard to struggle with creating Volume fans when you can create such a soft, full look using Classic lashes.


Lisa's Winning Entry for Lash Affair's LAM Competition March 2017 using her Multi-Media Method!

What’s next for you?

I'm going to be opening another boutique this Summer called Feather Lash and Brow in the heart of Los Angeles, CA.  

I'm really getting into microblading eyebrows and love how lash extensions and microblading tie in together. Microblading is a great cross promotion for your regular lash clients. By getting into microblading you can offer another service that literally transforms a clients look, which is so satisfying. Many clients want these full lashes so they don't have to worry about putting mascara on every day. In the same way, microblading allows clients to save more time by taking away the need to fill in their brows every day. And it increases your income, win/win for client and artist!


Great content from another great artist that's keeping standards high in our industry. If you would like a chance to be featured on our blog, don't forget to enter the next Lash Artist of the Month competition for April 2017 starting April 26th and ending April 30th! To enter make sure to follow us on Instagram at @lashaffairbyjp. Look for the LAM photo and follow the instructions in the description! Good luck and happy lashing!





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  • Abby

    Great spotlight! I really enjoyed learning about Lisa! So much fun to get to know the artists in our industry. I always learn something and am inspired by them.

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