Lash Map™ Stickers
Lash Map™ Stickers

Lash Map™ Stickers

Product Details 

Lash Maps are the perfect solution to your styling challenges.

  • 1 pack = 8 designs  
  • Each design has 24 pairs
  • That's 192 pairs per pack!
  • Light Grey Color 

How to Use:
Place Lash Map™ Stickers on top of BioGel or MatteGel Eye Pads.

Lash Map™ Stickers are never to be used by themselves to secure bottom lashes

Lash Map™ Designs:

  • Cat Eye
  • Full Effect
  • Squirrel
  • Natural Sweep
  • Open Eye
  • Doll Eye
  • Kardashian
  • Blank


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