Lash Map Stickers
Lash Map Stickers
Lash Map Stickers

Lash Map™️ Stickers | Pack of 192 Pairs

The guide to your clients' desires

No more guessing games, we'll show you exactly how to win your clients' hearts. Take your lash looks to the next level with lash mapping - with our variety pack of Lash Map Stickers, you can customize each look to the client's wants for consistent lashgasms. Skip the small talk and speed up the relationship with these Lash Maps there to show you exactly which moves to make when you're applying lash extensions. If you want something special, you can even create your own designs with our blank maps.


  • 1 pack = 8 designs
  • Each design has 24 pairs
  • That's 192 pairs per pack!
  • Light grey color

Lash Map Designs:

  • Cat Eye
  • Full Effect
  • Squirrel
  • Natural Sweep
  • Open Eye
  • Doll Eye
  • Textured
  • Blank (Freestyle it!)


Place Lash Map Stickers on top of gel eye pads or surgical tape. These aren't good at being alone, though, and should never be used by themselves to secure bottom lashes!


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