Products We Love (And Why You Should Love Them Too)

Whether you are a brand new lash artist in the process of setting up your studio or one who has been working in the industry for some time, you want to be sure you have the best possible equipment for your salon. And since there is no shortage of options and products, you might feel overwhelmed when shopping for things like lighting, humidifiers, and other needed items.

To help alleviate any shopping-related stress and make the process of buying products for your lash salon as easy as possible, we wanted to share some of the best-in-class products the team at Lash Affair loves.

Neewer Ring Light

Good lighting is as critical to a lash artist as a stethoscope is to a physician. For our certification courses and Instagram Lives, we prefer the Neewer Ring Light, available at retailers like Amazon. The light is a generous 18 inches across and is dimmable, with a dimming range of 1-100 percent, so you can really customize the light in your work area. The light is free of ultraviolet and infrared light radiation, has a low heat output and comes equipped with a universal adapter. 



As Her Lash Decor notes, while other styles of lights can cast shadows over your client's face, a ring light is large and can be positioned exactly over your client's head. As a bonus, the Neewer Ring Light is more affordable than other models. Need more convincing? Check out the YouTube video made by Glam by Gabbi about her first right light experience.


LASH Hygrometer

If you haven't invested in a hygrometer, be sure to read our blog post explaining the value of this tool in detail. Essentially, a hygrometer measures the amount of humidity in the air. Lash adhesive contains a chemical that cures in humid environments, so you want your salon to have an optimal level of humidity at all times. Forty-five to fifty-five percent humidity is an ideal level to strive for — and the hygrometer can help you keep tabs on this number at all times. You can choose from a wide selection of hygrometers on Amazon and we recommend choosing one that has a screen with a readout that is easy to see from your work area. This way, you can glance up during your appointment with your client and effortlessly check the humidity at any time without having to walk over to the gadget or find your glasses.


LASH Humidifier

As you might have suspected, if your hygrometer is showing a low level of humidity in your salon, you’ll want to use a humidifier to boost this number. As noted above and in an earlier blog, all lash adhesives have a cyanoacrylate base which cures in the presence of humidity to form an acrylic resin. If your average humidity is found to be under 30, we suggest purchasing a humidifier like the Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier on Amazon. This high output and large capacity model features a 1.6 gallon tank with a super high mist output of up to 270ml/hour. It works in salons up to 400 square feet in size and can go for 50 hours before you need to refill it. This model is quiet and also has an automatic shut off if it runs out of H2O.

Barrier Cream 

For clients with red and itchy eyes and/or who have household or seasonal allergies, the lash adhesive you use may be more likely to cause an allergic reaction. To help prevent this from happening, you should apply a Barrier Cream prior to applying the lashes. We really love Lashologist’s Choice Barrier Cream — it is formulated to help prevent irritation, inflammation, and reactions and is ideal for use in the lash salon. You can also encourage your clients to purchase the Barrier Cream and use it at home.

Lash Wrap

Finally, we recommend the Lash Wrap Eyelash Extension Application Tool. We personally like this one that is available at Amazon; it comes with one lash palette, one glue ring, and one hook and loop wrist wrap. The patented product places all of the eyelashes on a tile that is fastened to the back of your hand — this makes the whole process of applying lashes much more efficient. A lash wrap will also typically allow you to get through the appointment faster and more comfortably and, since it doubles as a tweezers holder, you will have everything you need close by for faster lashing.


Happy Shopping!

At Lash Affair, we pride ourselves on being well-versed in the many lash-related products. We will also never recommend a product unless we have personally used it and love it — we are definitely picky about our equipment and supplies and not everything passes muster. You can rest assured everything in this article is high-quality, easy-to-use and will make you a better lash artist; to help you when shopping, you might want to bookmark this post and refer to it as you stock your salon.



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