Tips On How To Use A Hygrometer

If you manage your own lash business or are an aspiring lashpreneur, then you know that your clients are the key to your success. Providing current and potential clients with the best possible service — and the best lashes — is going to keep them coming back time and time again. So, what can you do to make your clients’ lash extensions even better? Find out which gadget you can use to give your clients flawless, lasting lashes.


A hygrometer is a device that measures the amount of humidity in the air. It’s able to measure the humidity by using two different methods. The first is a hygrometer that uses two mercury thermometers — one containing a wet bulb, and the other containing a dry bulb. Condensation on the wet bulb causes the temperature reading to drop, showing a lower temperature than that of the dry bulb. The humidity is then calculated by comparing the ambient temperature to the difference in temperature between two thermometers.

The second type of hygrometer is a little more complex. This method takes an organic material, like hair, which expands and contracts depending on the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. According to ThoughtCo, “The hair is then held under tension by a spring, which is linked to a needle gauge that indicates the level of humidity based on how the hair has moved.” Although different methods, both types of hygrometers render accurate readings, as long as they are recalibrated once per year. 


Now that you’re familiar with how a hygrometer works, you can begin to understand how it can benefit your lash work. Lash adhesive contains a chemical that cures in humid environments. So the higher the humidity, the faster the adhesive cures, and likewise the lower the humidity, the slower the adhesive cures. Because of this, the lash adhesive can be difficult to deal with in the summertime. Forty-five to fifty-five percent humidity is the ideal range for perfect lashing — this is where a hygrometer is going to come in handy! A hygrometer will be able to help leverage the lash adhesive’s full ability to retain your client’s lash extensions. 


Setting up your hygrometer requires only a few simple steps. After installing batteries, you’ll want to set your device to degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius. Typically, readings are measured and cleared in 24-hour increments, starting from the moment battery installation occurs. Next, you’ll want to set up your hygrometer in a clean, dry area away from any kind of sun or heat exposure to ensure accurate readings. Once you have your hygrometer in place, it is recommended to record the humidity three times a day. You can then calculate your average relative humidity to determine the adjustments you’ll need to make when lashing. 

Varying levels of humidity can make or break the lash extension application process. That’s why investing in a hygrometer is going to be your best bet to provide your client’s with amazing lashes, any time of year. You may also want to try our Love Potion #9 lash extension adhesive, designed for high humidity climates. And if you live in a more desert climate, The One, our low humidity product is the perfect option for you.

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