The Art of the Client Consultation

There’s no question your initial client consultation is the cornerstone of an exceptional experience. From providing an opportunity for your client to convey the look they want while also allowing you an opportunity to manage expectations, the art of the consultation is the first step toward a positive outcome and repeat business. 

When first discussing eyelash extensions with a client, be sure to walk through their daily routine, precautions, and aftercare prior to the service. This will set realistic expectations, help answer client questions, and allow you to create the perfect artistically designed set customized to the client’s face/eye shape, preferences, and lifestyle. 

In this post, we’re going to share tips on making your initial client consultations for eyelash extensions successful, starting with professionalism, a client profile and lash extension consent form, eye shape and lashes assessment followed by their desired look, an artist guide sheet, and ongoing consulting recommendations.


How you present yourself during the initial consultation sets the tone for the entire appointment and the client’s impression of you and your business. Your voice and demeanor can be used to build trust in your knowledge and ability as an artist — this first impression matters and will more than likely turn them into a long-term client if done correctly.

Begin by speaking in terms even those new to eyelash extensions can understand. No industry jargon, no acronyms only a fellow artist could interpret, and no referring to advanced techniques until the client is ready.


Next, determine if a client’s eyes are proportionate, wide, or close set, then which shape(s) of eyes the client has. Use the point of accentuation and mapping to correct any imperfections or differences in eye shapes or sets. 

After that, check for any damage in the lash line and take photos of their natural lashes for your record (these work great as portfolio before and after photos, with consent), making sure to measure their natural lashes to determine which lash extensions lengths will be safe to use. While the instinct to share your notes with the client may be strong, take care in how you explain this part of the process. Remember again not to use industry jargon and to be sensitive regarding any imperfections until you’ve established a comfortable rapport.


Explain the different curls, weights, and lengths used to achieve your client’s desired look. While they may have an idea of what they want, be sure to clarify which design would best suit them and why.

This is also the time to educate clients on the importance of maintaining the health of their natural lashes by applying eyelash extensions no longer than their natural lash length plus two millimeters. After that, use what you’ve learned about their eye shape, lifestyle, and natural lashes to help them understand which look will best fit their individual style.


After assessing your client’s eyes, lashes, and lifestyle and determined eyelash extension design, fill out an artist guide sheet — keep this alongside the lash extension consent form — to keep a record for when the client returns. Use your notes, initial impressions, and any other information to record what formula was initially used so it can be repeated or adjusted as necessary.


Mini consults should be done every time a client comes in for a lash fill to ensure continued success and happiness in their desired look. Be sure to ask if they have any aftercare questions, about any lifestyle or personal style changes, what they love most about their lashes, and if they think any improvements can be made.

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