The Lowdown on Lash Lifts & Eyelash Extensions

You've been providing eyelash extension services for awhile and you've enjoyed a steady growth of clients. As a savvy business owner, you're always on the lookout for ways to expand your services and increase revenue and lately, you've been hearing a lot about lash lifts.

Providing service options can certainly bring in new clients and help retain current ones, but it can also make the decision-making process a little tough for clients. They may be asking themselves, "Which is better—a lash lift or eyelash extensions?"

Let's outline the differences between lash lift kits and eyelash extensions so you're prepped and ready to provide the best information to your clients.


WHAT IS IT:  Think perms, push-up bras, and poofs! Lash lift kits are designed to punch up your natural lashes and eliminate the need for an eyelash curler.

THE PROCEDURE: After you clean the client’s lashes, you’ll apply a silicone mold to the eyelids and then brush the lashes up onto the mold to give shape and curl. Then, you’ll apply a gentle solution (like a perm!) to the lashes, which stays on between 8-12 minutes. After you remove the solution, you can moisturize the lashes with an oil (coconut or castor are great natural options) or serum. The service is often paired with a lash tint.

BENEFITS: Lash lifts are natural, low maintenance, and require virtually no upkeep. Plus, mascara lovers can still wear mascara! The shape of the curl is easily customizable based on the client’s natural lashes and preference. 

Finally, the results of a lash lift are immediate, causing instant client smiles! The entire appointment takes 30-45 minutes and lash lifts last 4-6 weeks meaning you can fit more clients into your schedule.


  • The client who has straight lashes and uses an eyelash curler every day
  • The boho chick who wants a natural look with minimal upkeep
  • The tired mom who doesn’t have time for a lot of primping (or lash appointments)
  • Allergy prone clients

WHY YOU SHOULD OFFER: Adding a lash lift kit to your service menu is a great way to increase your clientele and earning potential. The more services you offer, the more diversity of clients you'll see come through your door. Lash Lifts cater to a larger target market than lash extensions. Eyelash tints are a popular add-on service with clients who get lash lifts, which will supplement your profits.


WHAT IS IT: Eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes attached via adhesive to a client’s natural lashes. They really make the eyes pop and eliminate the need for mascara, an eyelash curler—pretty much any makeup at all!

THE PROCEDURE: As the lash artist, you’ll consult with your client and provide recommendations on lash curl, thickness, and length. Next, you’ll carefully apply adhesive to the extension and individually place the extensions on each lash (about 80-140 per eye). From start to finish, this service can take up to two hours so definitely encourage your client to nap—or gossip!

BENEFITS: Eyelash extensions add length, create volume, enhance the shape of the eye, and create a polished look. They are customizable so the client gets to choose the look she’s going for, whether it be subtle or sultry. There’s no need to use an eyelash curler or wear mascara, which cuts down on primping time in the morning.


  • The client who wants the ‘WOW’ factor
  • The bride-to-be
  • The woman who enjoys taking time for herself every 2-3 weeks

WHY YOU SHOULD OFFER: Eyelash extensions are a luxury service, so it allows to charge a higher price for the service. Additionally, extensions last about four to six weeks, so you’ll be seeing these clients more frequently which is good for your income and business!

Meghan Krein 

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