Bio Gel Eye Pads x9
Bio Gel Eye Pads x9
Bio Gel Eye Pads x9

Bio Gel Eye Pads x10

Clingy? Yes please!

Listen, we're usually not into being overly attached... but when it comes to gel pads, we make an exception. Our Bio Gel Eye Pads for eyelash extensions are committed to holding your lashes down - they're super sticky and never slide. Their smaller size + shape makes them a perfect fit for every eye shape, and you can always trust them to stick with you while you're applying lash extensions.


  • Chemical-free
  • Pre-cut
  • No pesky fibers
  • No tape required
  • 5 sheets with two pairs attached
  • 10 pairs total

P.S. Use a gel pad to lift the top layer of lashes up and out of the way so you can get to the lower layers of natural lashes.




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