What You Can Learn from Beauty YouTubers

As a lash artist and a small business owner, you are probably familiar with a number of YouTubers who regularly post beauty-related videos about everything from makeup tutorials to their thoughts on the latest trends.

But as news reports earlier this year made abundantly clear, being a beauty YouTuber can also have a dark side. Drama erupted between creators and rival fan groups that turned into a scandal about racism, online archives and questions about how much influential YouTubers are responsible for their online pasts. Certain YouTubers were found to have posted racist, fat-shaming and other negative comments on social media in the past; when their competition uncovered these tweets and other posts, the YouTubers ended up losing a large number of subscribers.

By becoming familiar with certain YouTubers and their marketing prowess, or in certain instances, their mistakes, you can learn both how to conduct yourself online and ultimately grow your following, as well as determine what to avoid doing at all costs. For example, consider the following examples:

Manny Mua

Manny Mua is a prime example of how to do YouTube correctly. Manny is on the Forbes influencers list and now has over 210 million views on his YouTube videos. He has done an outstanding job of leveraging being a guy in a female-dominated field; in addition to his makeup tutorials and product reviews, he also talks about his personal life and engages with his audience. Viewers tend to feel as if they truly “know” him, seeing Manny as a trusted friend who offers helpful advice on makeup, not some impersonal industry expert who could care less about people. For further proof that men in the beauty world are definitely making a positive impact on the industry, check out the How to Become a Male Beauty Boss blog on our website; it also discusses Manny’s success and the challenges that male beauty YouTuber's face.

Laura Lee and Jeffree Star

Unfortunately, Laura Lee was one of the YouTubers who was recently accused of composing racist tweets, and then allegedly lying about them and posting a fake apology video. Jeffree Star has also been accused of making misogynist and racist remarks. Despite their denials and apparent apologies, both Lee and Star lost literally millions of subscribers on YouTube as well as sponsorships. As a lash artist who wants to build an online following, you can learn from these two YouTubers’ mistakes by keeping all of your social media posts as respectful and professional as you can. It would be wise to spend some time doing a personal online audit of your name on the major search engines to see what pops up — if you find anything that is embarrassing or potentially harmful to your career, delete it. Remember, as a lash artist you will see clients of all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds — the last thing you want to do is lose clientele because of some negative comment you posted on social media, even if you meant it as a joke.



When researching beauty YouTubers who are doing a great job, Nikkie de Jager is another perfect example of what you should do online. As Forbes notes, the Dutch makeup artist has over 7.2 million followers on Instagram and 6.6 million on YouTube, and she does an outstanding job of cross-promoting her videos on each platform. De Jager is well-known for thinking way outside of the box, refusing to adhere to convention or body image stereotypes. As a result, she has created an edgy and memorable brand that appeals to people of all shapes and sizes, all of whom enjoy watching the tutorials of her avant-garde looks that highlight her true artistic ability.

Beauty YouTubers: Learn from Both the Good and the Bad

When it comes to beauty YouTubers, remember that you can learn a lot from both the things that they have done well — for example, Mua’s ability to connect with his audience and brand building and de Jager’s cross-promotion and unique voice — and also the mistakes that some have made along the way. If you are interested in learning more about effective online marketing for your lash business, please check out our blog on how to Attract More Clients with a Strong Online Presence. These tips, in addition to keeping tabs on what works and what does not for beauty YouTubers, can help your lash company to thrive and grow.

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