7 Halloween Looks That Will Inspire You and Your Lash Artist


Of all 12 months of the year, October reigns among the top—you get to enter with pumpkin spice and then end with Halloween! Throughout all 31 days of fall farm festivities and wearing flannel, the search is on for a Halloween costume. Makeup can be the most fun part of dressing up. Did you know that colored lash extensions exist? These lashes can be applied to the whole eye or can be mixed into a standard fill to add a pop of color. 

If you want a professional look, but you don't do well with tutorials, then you may want to consider asking for this add-on at your next fill. Give your lash artist the opportunity to create the monstrous or magical look of your dreams. Here are seven Halloween looks to inspire you and your lash artist: 

Black Swan

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Dancing into Halloween as a deranged ballerina captivates every year since the critically acclaimed thriller "Black Swan" intoxicated Hollywood. What's more alluring than dressing up as a haunting mix of psycho and seduction? The transformation into an evil temptress starts with a black feather tutu and scroll-designed gemstone crown—but it's the striking makeup that enhances its darkness. To replicate the black swan eerie pout, first create a porcelain matte face with light foundation. Then use black eyeliner to create the upward black wing shape filled in with black and metallic eye shadow. To dramatize this killer look, apply lashes in blue/black hues and complete with vino-colored or nude lips lipstick. (Black Swan Look 1: @lisahartmakeup, Look 2: @mayelypaez)


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The peacock knows how to turn heads. Adorned with its blue and green iridescent tail and colorful markings, the vibrant pheasant undoubtedly garners admiration. In fact, this social species gathers in groups called parties, which makes it the ultimate costume for a gal who wants to turn a Halloween soiree wild. Crafty DIY-ers can make a peacock costume using materials like colorful tulle fabric, peacock feathers, a feather boa and a leotard. For makeup, highlight cobalt blue and bright turquoise colors with hints of gold and purple. Accents like blue and teal silk lashes and glitter or feather eyebrows add exotic glamour. (Peacock Look 1: @mayelypaez, Look 2: @conniefranksmua)

Sugar Skull

CHeck out more of Natalie's work here
Check out more of Natalie's work here

This fun take on the traditional skull has patterns and pops of color which you can integrate into your lash line. Opt for the white cream base or your natural skin tone foundation. For the first look use black paint to go around your eyes and on the tip of your nose for the sunken in effect, then use a detail brush with black to create the intricate designs around the eyes and lips. Choose a color combo like yellow, red, and green or blue, purple, and yellow. Add pops of color by painting dots or flowers in a pattern. Tie in the same color combos with your lash extensions, mixing them into the black extensions or do a full color set to make your eyes pop on the black background! Use fake crystal, pearl or metal embellishments with skin safe adhesive to adorn like the examples here from makeup artist and photographer Jordan Liberty. Don't forget the finishing touches by adding a flower crown to your hair. (Sugar Skull Looks: @jordanliberty)


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CHeck out Sunkissed makeup on IG

Every woman possesses an inner goddess waiting for her unveiling, and Halloween is the best time of year to channel the power, confidence, and beauty of our immortal being. Start by following a color scheme of white, gold and evergreen, from the dress to makeup. A gold belt, leaf crown and free-flowing hair accent a one-shoulder, bohemian-style white dress. Over-the-top bronzer, copper eyeshadow with hints of a rust hue, black eyeliner, and thick black volume lash extensions will complete this Greek goddess glam. With this glowing aesthetic, the unleashed goddess will effortlessly rule any Halloween affair. 


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It's been the year of "unicorn fever," from the unicorn Starbucks Frappuccino to the unicorn pool floatie. So why wouldn't a gal want to transform into this beautiful, otherworldly mythical creature for Halloween? Beauty Jenna Dewan perfected the unicorn look herself for Halloween, donning a sparkly horn, a dust of pink shimmer and a psychedelic high ponytail — inspiration for all who want to feel fantastically magical. Create a unicorn mane using Lime Crime's palette of unicorn hair, following the online how-to and FAQ guide. Accent with rainbow lash extensions, confetti beauty marks by Mr. Kate, an explosion of body shimmer, glitter, and colorful highlighter to land this whimsical look. (Unicorn Look 1 & 2: @francie.mua)


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I'm not very happy about it, but ever since the new IT movie released, clowns are coming back as a favorite costume this year. Some girls are redeeming the look for me by bringing a feminine twist that turns out to be eerily beautiful. These looks are simple to achieve as they don't require the traditional full face of makeup and focus mainly on the eyes and lips. Whether you chose pink, red, or purple for your makeup detail, you can integrate those colors through the lash line or opt for a thick and dark set of volume lashes. (Clown Look 1: @anigma_ashley, Look 2: @michelle_makeup)


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Snapchat has gotten the memo that everyone looks better with lashes. Hence why lashes are a popular addition to their face filters, including the deer filter. You can bat those doe eyes at everyone with this look complete with a set of extensions. Messy, bold brows, choppy, long lashes, and contouring are the keys to pulling this one off. Apply foundation as usual and add contour along the cheekbones, hairline, and sides of the nose. Apply white cream shadow or face paint in dots, then brush brows up and keep them a little wild. Your lashes should be applied with the longest length in the middle. The Brown Ombre lashes or Mixed Brown lashes are great for adding some color. Finish this look off by putting your hair in fun buns and you'll be ready to prance around the whole night long. (Deer Look 1: @luxeglamstudio, Look 2: @rubyradzik)

Remember, lash extensions aren't permanent, so have a little fun. Let your creative flag fly high this Halloween by recreating one of these looks or come up with one all your own. Remember to share your lash looks on Instagram using the hashtag #lashaffairbyjparis. 

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