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When it comes to living the glamorous life of lash extensions, there's a little behind-the-scenes effort required to maintain that "wake up in your makeup" look of effortlessly beautiful lashes. the When it comes to caring for your lashes, there are some things to avoid and things to keep in mind:
- DON'T use products that contain oil
- DON'T expose lashes to extreme heat
- DON'T sleep on your face
- DO avoid touching your new lashes with your fingers
- DO incorporate an eyelash extension cleansing routine (which, like flossing, is a necessity that can be pretty easy to skip).
Maybe you just. don’t. feel. like. it. Maybe you forgo cleansing out of fear that they’ll fall out or shed prematurely. It’s worth the effort to make it habitual because washing your lashes actually produces the opposite effect. Let us teach you a lil' something about all the advantages of a good cleansing routine.

Lash Extension Hygiene 101

Proper lash maintenance requires regular eyelash cleansing to preserve the lifespan of your extensions, as well as the health of your natural lashes and eyelids. Good hygiene will help your lashes last longer, prevent premature fallout/breakage, and create the best, most beautiful and lasting results, especially with the right product!

We’ve once described poor hygiene as the number-one enemy of extensions. To recap, here’s why:

Clogged follicles: Dirt, oils, makeup, pollutants, and bacteria can clog lash follicles. Blockages can cause natural lashes to fall out and grow back shorter, finer and weaker.

Pest control: Demodex, which are microscopic eyelash mites, that live in our lash follicles. While they are necessary, cleansing keeps these pests from overproducing.

Eyelid inflammation and itchiness: Dead skin cells build up on eyelids, block follicles, and can turn your eyes red and sore. This condition is called blepharitis, which causes swelling and irritation.

Attacked by oil: Oil from your skin, makeup, or moisturizer can build up on your extensions. The buildup will wear on the eyelash adhesive and affect the extensions’ longevity.

Natural lashes brushed with mascara may survive basic over-the-counter or DIY facial cleanser or makeup remover, but when it comes to delicate extensions in such a sensitive area, you’ll have to up the ante. Lash Affair makes it easy with its multi-use, powerful (yet gentle!) TLC Cleanser — a must-have for personal eyelash extension supplies and beauty kits.


Tender, Loving Care for luscious Lashes

Your lashes deserve the best treatment, which is why quality matters. TLC Cleanser is luxuriously formulated with killer benefits like:

Tea tree oil: This essential oil doesn’t break down lash extensions and prevents buildup. It also has natural antibacterial properties to prevent eye infections, like blepharitis.

Sulfate-free: Free of sulfates, the cleanser won’t strip moisture out of natural lashes or skin.

Foam for days: Lash Affair's signature pump bottle produces a lasting foam that coats every lash thoroughly to reduce product waste. 

3 in 1 formula: TLC Cleanser formula washes your lashes, removes makeup, and cleanses the face and neck — all in one simple step.


Your Lashes will Love You

Cleansing your lashes as a daily ritual optimizes their look; it helps maintain the bond of the natural lash to the extension, improving lash retention. Unfortunately, there’s no dry shampoo for lash extensions, but proper everyday aftercare will make your lashes healthy, feel clean, and extend their lifespan, so you can bat those beauties for weeks to come.

Follow these cleansing steps and ask your lash artist any questions regarding proper aftercare practices. Lash Affair is here to be part of your glam squad! Learn from the experts and turn each blink into a sparkle. For a truly satisfying cleanse, do the following:

- Rinse your eyelids/lashes with water

- Use a Microtip Swab, your finger or eyelash brush to softly massage the cleanser into your lashes and lash line

- Rinse again with water to wash away the product and any debris

- Blot lashes with a clean, cotton-free towel

- Once dry, brush, fluff and straighten those clean, red carpet-ready lashes

 We even have a cleansing tutorial for you to watch and follow for the best lash bath!



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