Lash Affair User Guide: Taking Care of Your New Lash Extensions

Refer to this lash-care guide to keep your lashes in tip-top shape and looking lavish. When you consider the cost of eyelash extensions, you also have to factor in the right products and daily practices for their optimal health, wear, and a full-on glam look. Follow this manual to get the luscious lash look you love! 


If there’s anything to remember about lash health, remember this easy phrase:Proper hygienePrevents Premature lash shedding and Preserves their lifespan. It's practically poetry! Washing eyelids and lashes maintains the integrity of lashes by removing dirt, oil, and makeup. A cleansing ritual disrupts any bacteria and pollutants that can clog follicles.

>We recommend our multi-use, must-have TLC Cleanser, which delivers the best treatment and 3 in 1 formula for all-over cleansing. Check out Lash Extension Hygiene 101 to learn more about this foamy cleanser’s killer benefits.

Important Note: Wash with a lash cleansing brush and avoid removing makeup with a cotton or terry cloth.


Just like you shouldn’t use a generic over-the-counter cleanser, you should also avoid waterproof, water-resistant or oily products, including makeup and removers. We recommend:

    • > Lash Affair Liquid Eyeliner Pen: Contains a highly pigmented formula for long-lasting and safe wear. Available in black or brown, this pen’s fine tip applicator provides an easy, smooth and precise application.

  • HD Mascara: Designed to coat lashes in only one to two strokes. This mascara is great for bottom lashes, tips of classic extensions and natural lashes (without extensions.) It's luxurious, safe formula prevents lashes from flaking or drying.


Pro Tip: Glamorous lashes require some upkeep!

  • Comb your lashes as a daily practice, using a regular-sized or mini brush. Brushing your lashes in between fills helps make them look fuller and keeps your lash fans from closing. Make sure to be gentle, especially at the root, to keep the bases from lifting.  
  • Plan to refill your lashes after 50% have shed and avoid reaching 40% extensions or less. Full sets typically last four weeks, so make sure that you properly care for your lashes, monitor retention and be mindful of the time in between fills when scheduling your next appointment. Depending on your shedding cycle you may have to come in earlier than 4-weeks. 


There are a few do’s and don'ts when it comes to your lashes and sleeping. Sleeping on your back is the best way to preserve your lashes; however, if you’re a side or stomach sleeper, catch your Zzz's on a silk pillowcase or our Satin Lash Extension Pillow. Fibers in a traditional cotton pillowcase can snag and pull your extensions. The effects of dragging lashes on cotton, rather than gliding on silk, helps prevent premature shedding and (bonus!) wrinkles and allergic reactions due to silk’s hypoallergenic properties.

For added protection, slip on a beauty sleep mask to safeguard your lashes from rubbing. A sleeping mask also blocks out light 100%, so you can get undisturbed beauty sleep and wake up looking rested, rejuvenated and lash-ready for the day.

Trustworthy Lash Artist

If you follow the tips in this user guide and continue to have a poor experience with your lashes, you may want to evaluate your lash artist. As the client, you have every right to ask about your artist’s qualifications and background, including reputable certifications and hands-on training. Questioning your artist’s knowledge and skills? Search the Lash Affair Lash Artist Directory to find talented lashing professionals educated in the best application techniques and products.

For the Love of Lashing!

Lash ClientsShop now to make sure that you are stocked up on all the essentials to love your lashes well! You'll want to think about including these top-quality products into the overall price of eyelash extensions when making your beauty budget.

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