3 Tips for Fixing Volume Lash Issues

When you offer volume lashes as part of your services, you can attract more clients who want lush and luxurious lashes and a fuller, darker lash line. Knowing proper volume techniques can help you provide perfect applications, every time.

Extensions applied incorrectly or volume fans created haphazardly will fall out faster and cause your client to have an unflattering and uneven look. These bad practices can result in clients asking for refunds or leaving a bad review.

Don't let bad volume lash application sabotage your business. Here are three problematic volume lash issues and how to avoid them.

Issue #1: Poor Lash Placement

The client hasn't even left the parking lot yet, and volume lashes are already shedding. They wanted flawless lashes for a big event or everyday wear, but poor lash placement leads to bad retention and clients feeling robbed.

What Went Wrong 

Placement is key for volume lashing. Incorrectly attaching volume fans far from the lash or not flush with the natural lash is a common cause of poor lash retention.

What You Can Do to Fix It

Practice makes perfect! Volume lash application is different from classic, so invest in your education -- perhaps a Lash Affair Academy Volume Certification course. You'll learn how to ensure you're correctly placing lashes close to the lash line and how to check the bases to make sure they are flush with the natural lash. This creates a clean lash line and ensures lashes are strongly secured.

You also need to understand what placement is best for each lash. Do you need to do a side placement or top or bottom placement? If you are applying all of your fans the same way, you may not be getting the best retention that you could be.

Issue #2: Sloppy Fans or an Overloaded Lash Line 

When the client puts a mirror to their lashes, they notice that the lashes are going in different directions, they're crisscrossed, or they're not symmetrical. The result is more spidery than splendid. Lashes twisting and turning can cause unnecessary pain or discomfort for your clients.

Or, a  droopy lash line can be the result of using too heavy of lash extensions. The client's eye ends up feeling weighed down while looking unnatural. 

What Went Wrong 

Rushing when creating handmade fans, not taking care during application or not understanding how to correctly create volume fans can result in a messy look. 

What You Can Do to Fix It

To avoid creating crooked fans, change how you are picking up your fans. You want to pull lashes up and toward you, rather than to the side or backward from the strip or sticky dot. 

Don't rush. Slow down when making fans to ensure they're symmetrical. Eventually, your muscle memory will improve, and your speed will increase.   

Avoid crowded lash lines by using ideal lash extension placement. Check the diameters you are using for your lash fans and what the natural lash can handle before applying.

Issue #3: Deficient Adhesive Control 

Imagine a client goes in a gorgeous set of volume lashes and leaves with itchy, burning, irritated eyes. Ouch!  

Or, within a day or two, those beautiful va-va-voom lashes start to fall, fall, fall out. 

The client wonders why they even bothered going to a lash artist.

What Went Wrong 

Too much adhesive increases the likelihood of a negative eye reaction if the adhesive touches the skin. It also creates boxy bases that damage the natural lash, which leads to poor retention and a bulky or sloppy lash line. 

Additionally, too much adhesive makes creating the fans much more difficult, since more adhesive causes the fan to close before or during the placement process of the application. 

Conversely, too little adhesive means a poor attachment or no attachment. This can again increase client dissatisfaction and the likelihood that extensions will fall off quickly.

What You Can Do to Fix It

Be mindful of how much adhesive you're applying so that you use the perfect amount every time. Lash Affair teaches all of their students the exact amount of adhesive to pick up depending on the humidity in your workspace.

In terms of lash adhesive, the rule is less is more. Ask the client how they're feeling during the application. They shouldn't feel any discomfort. If they report poking or burning, stop the service and reevaluate your process to prevent any further discomfort.

Also, check out our blog post about how to deal with irregularities in lash adhesive. Some tips:

  • Make sure you're accurately measuring humidity.         
  • Always store your lash adhesive properly.    
  • Clean and prep the client's lashes before applying adhesive.

Great application of lash extensions will depend on factors like speed, skill, and humidity. Poor adhesive control won't just cause lashes to suffer — you could also harm your client's eyes.

Certification Is a Must for Volume Lash Application

Volume lashes look amazing and are in high demand. But when they're applied incorrectly, you could lose clientele and damage your reputation as a lash artist.  

That's why Lash Affair recommends certification for volume lash application. You'll learn the best techniques. You can practice on live models. And you can connect with mentors in the industry. 

Volume lash issues are common, but they're fixable with the right training. Bookmark this post for best practices, or get info on Lash Affair's Lash Certifications and Training.

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