8 Things You Can Do to Earn Your Lash Artists Love

8 things you can do to earn your lash artists love

by: Shelby Tarleton

So you've read How to Find a Good Lash Artist, but how do you keep them happy once you've found the right fit. Lash artists are some of the hardest working people out there. Many times, they are neglecting themselves and their needs to serve the needs of others. A happy client can make it all worth it though. Some clients bring a smile to their face and others, well...don't. Follow my advice to quickly become one of your lash artists fav clients that they look forward to seeing every time. 

1| Pre-book

Same day or even next day appointments can be difficult for a lash artist to work into their schedule. I recommend pre-booking your next fill after your appointment, before you leave. If pre-booking is not an option, either schedule using their online booking system or call/text for the first available appointment if you need it sooner than later. Doing so will show that you respect the lash artist’s time. As opposed to “I have an event tonight and need to get in today.” Do your best to plan, and your lash artist will appreciate you for it. 

be on time

2| Be ON TIME 

You've probably heard this motto, "5 minutes early is on time. On-time is late. Late is unacceptable.

Your lash artist will love you if you show up early to your appointments. If it's your first time, showing up early allows your artist to give you a proper consultation and to make sure your lashes are prepped correctly for your beautiful extensions. Showing up early also leaves room for any paperwork you may have to complete. If you are a regular client, showing up early shows your lash artist that you respect them and their time, and ensures that your appointment won't feel rushed. 

Do your absolute best to always be on time so that your lash artist can get your lashes as full as possible. Being late can cut into lash time! Abide by the cancellation policy because your lash artist may have a wait list of clients wanting to get in. If you no-show or late cancel, they lose out on that time when someone would’ve gladly taken it.

3| Be prepped

There is a running joke in the lash artist world that people arrive to the dentist with the intent to impress. Often their teeth are brushed, flossed, mouth washed and ready for inspection. Yet when most clients arrive to get their lashes done, they have clumps of mascara, loads of makeup and crusties in their lash line. If you want your lash artist to love you, arrive with no eye makeup or moisturizer around the eye! Otherwise, your lash artist will have to spend valuable lashing time on cleansing and prep. 

Moisturizer around the eye can prevent the eye pad from staying in place and concealers or foundation around the eye area should be avoided whenever possible, so that it doesn’t get mixed into the lash line while cleansing. Perhaps your lash artist has a bathroom you can take your makeup off in if you're coming from work! Regardless, when you lay down on the lash table, your lashes should be squeaky clean. Your lash artist should cleanse your lashes before your service as well, but this cleansing is meant to be a prepping step, not a makeup removal step. If there is eyemakeup present, they will have to cleanse multiple times, and the makeup will just get sloshed around which could affect your retention. 

4| Do what you're told

Your lash artist is a professional and knows how to create the optimal conditions for your lashes! The rules and tips she gives you are for your good and the health of your lashes! As artists, we want you to get the most wear out of your lashes, so if your lash artist is recommending something to you, hear her out! Following proper aftercare instructions will lead to better retention which means fuller lashes for a longer time. 

classic lash after care

5| Get fills regularly

Rather than waiting for your lashes to ‘look’ like you need a fill, maintain the fluff by coming in when there are still 50-70% of your lash extensions still intact. Many lash artists charge extra for taking more of their time during fills, or they may even charge you for a full set if your lashes are less than 50% full. 

6| Listen to them

Nothing is worse than a client coming in demanding a style of lashes that will not work for their eye shape or lash health. Lash artists see your lashes from a different perspective than you. If your artist is recommending that you go down in length or diameter, they are only trying to help you preserve the health of your natural lash. You may be asking for lengths or weights that your lashes cannot handle. Did you know your artist should only be placing extensions that are 2-3mm longer than your natural lash length? This information can help you understand the extent of what your lashes will hold. 

Consider a growth serum so that your natural lashes can grow longer to withstand a longer length extension if you are set on having a longer look. If you want a fuller lash line, consider upgrading to volume or flat lashes. These styles will allow your lash line to be fuller without adding additional weight. Volume lashing consists of placing multiple ultra light-weight extensions on each natural lash. Flat lashes are flat instead of round, so they have the appearance of being thicker, but they are the same weight. 

7| Be honest

When at your consultation or appointment, tell the truth about medications you are taking and your self-care habits. Lash extensions are tedious to apply, and retention can be affected by the process of application as well as by client practices. If you are experiencing poor lash retention, be honest with the lash artist and let them know if you accidentally applied cream eyeliner or did something else that could have broken the extension/adhesive bond. 

This openness will usually be met with understanding, and the lash artist will be more willing to work with you. If you lie about these things and blame the lash artist, it may interfere with their confidence and cause them to doubt themselves and their ability further. With reduced confidence, your lash artist's work will likely be affected, and neither party will be happy with the results. 

8| Show your appreciation

Your lash artist sometimes works 8-13 hours straight, sometimes without a break! We are not machines, and we have feelings too. Make sure to let your lash artist know if you love your lashes. Reviews or referrals are the biggest compliments you can give them. If you are ever unsure of something or unsatisfied, just talk to your lash artist human to human. After all, they are the only person that can help you solve the problem! Your lash artist will love that you trust them and their opinions. 

You can show your lash artist some appreciation by writing a nice card, or leaving a review on Yelp, Google or Facebook. Little things like these go a long way in our minds. 

thank you cards

Having your lash artist's love has its perks. They will produce better work on you because you will both be emitting great vibes that aspire confidence. They will also have more patience for you and your requests because you will have mutual respect for one another. The roads of love and respect must go both ways for any relationship to bear good fruit. If you follow these practices, I guarantee you will be heading in the right direction!

To leave you smiling, here is a lighthearted video created by Lash Affair Brand Ambassador, Karli from Lashey Lady Studio. A great example of what NOT to do while trying to earn your lash artists love. 

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