Can Lashes be Considered Self-Care?

In our go-go-go lives, our pleasures can fall low on the priorities list. The colloquialism “guilty pleasure” even has the word “guilty” in it, suggesting that our pleasures should be forbidden. If we dare indulge, then we should feel bad about it.

Experiencing our pleasures is a necessity though, as Charles Eames asserts, and it’s called self-care. We’re not “giving in” to our pleasures. We’re giving our mind, body and soul balance. Especially in our culture that glorifies busyness, it’s important to slow down to not only care for our needs, but enjoy what makes us happy.

Yoga, meditation and journaling are great self-care rituals, but some glam-care can also help you become the best version of yourself. Here’s how eyelash extensions can give you reboot:

Elevate Your Confidence

Lash extensions can instantly take years off your face. Eyelashes thin, and loose luster, length and fullness, as you age. Extensions open up your eyes so you can look more bright-eyed and fresh, giving you that lavish glam factor, without much effort. For lash artist Melissa Pinyon, her favorite part about lashing is when the client is amazed at the art she created for them. Once lashed up, the world becomes your runway. The price of eyelash extensions can't compare to feeling younger and looking it

Save Time on Your Morning Routine

Imagine your morning if you could miraculously look day-ready with the quick tap of a wand. Well, consider your lash artist to be your beauty godmother who helps you save time by eliminating mascara brushing and eyelash curling from your morning routine. Lashes enhance your overall appearance, so you can minimize your makeup altogether, while still looking gorgeous. The extra time leaves room for more sleep, time to spend with your family or enjoying that cup of coffee. 

Socialize with Your Salon Squad

Human connection has a significant impact on mental health. The laughter and support that comes with friendship feeds your soul—and it’s not uncommon to find a friend in your lash artist. You’ll establish a connection, trust, and comfort with each chat and appointment. In fact, the entire salon can become a social outlet, your local hangout, where you can chat with other beauticians and clients while getting pampered. 

Escape to Some R&R

A lashing appointment is “me time.” Breathe and clear your head. Disconnect from your devices and break away from daily life. One of celebrity last artist Lisa Mayer’s favorite things about being a lash artist is creating a safe place for clients to come and relax. She helps clients wind down by playing soft music and providing a comfy, heated table. Lashing is about more than just applying extensions and beauty, it’s about creating a relaxing and enjoyable experience too.

Treat Yourself to New Beauty Products

If you’re a frugal gal or always suffer from buyer’s remorse, allow yourself to indulge in guilt-free retail therapy now and then. Complement new lashes with an accessories shopping spree. This is also a good time to declutter your beauty drawer or bag. Purging old or unused products with new ones can feel refreshing and restore order back into your cosmetics arsenal.

If you need one more reason to transform your look with lash extensions, keep in mind that lashing also provides a rejuvenating self-care experience. The cost of eyelash extensions won't break the bank, and their overall value is priceless. 

Lash artists! Share this post with your friends and clients so they can discover the love of lash! Let them know they can just can lie back, relax and let you do the glam work, leaving them feeling and looking gorgeous. 

Abby Terlecki
Marketing & Media Copywriter | Oly Lifting Fanatic | Outdoor Explorer

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