2 Reasons to Get Lashes for Every Objection You Have

What beauty treatment have you been dying to try? 

Let me guess... lash extensions? 

You've seen them on friends and coworkers. They look fantastic in pictures AND in real life. You look in the mirror and imagine them lighting up your own eyes, but you've also heard some things that have been holding you back from trying them. Let's see if I can debunk some common fears that keep deserving lashes like yours waiting on the sidelines. For every reason you think you shouldn't get lash extensions, I'll give you two reasons you should!

Objection #1: Extensions will ruin my natural lashes, right?


Correctly applied lash extensions enhance your natural lash without causing damage. The key is to make sure you're practicing proper home care, which your artist should instruct you on. Proper home care prevents infections in your lash follicles and keeps oils away from your extensions which helps them last. 

Correct application means that your artist takes into consideration the length of your natural lashes and chooses safe extension lengths based on that. It also means that they are making time at the end of your appointment to separate stuck together lashes and are practicing proper isolation techniques to prevent lashes sticking together. They are not using an excessive amount of lash glue or applying cluster lashes using lash extension adhesive. 

The rumor that extensions ruin your natural lashes is most likely derived from an understandable complaint that if you were to have your extensions removed, it looks like you have no lashes left. 

Before and after by Lash Affair Director of Education, Krystal Ruiz

Which brings me to fact number 2, that the perception of having no lashes is just the extreme contrast from your natural lash vs. the long, voluminous extensions you've gotten used to looking at in the mirror. The pros of having them, even temporarily, greatly outweigh this fear.

Objection #2: Lash Extensions seem expensive


Skilled artists can actually change the shape of your eyes using extensions by putting length and curl in the right places. For a down-turned eye, a curlier lash can be applied to lift the eyes to a more favorable position. Many clients compare the results of lash extensions to results of an eye lift or mini brow lift which can only be achieved by cosmetic surgery. 

The cost of just one of these procedures combined with a year's worth of lash tints, lash primer, mascara, eyeliner, and the bouts of false lashes, glue and lash enhancing serum amount to 3 times as much as one year of having lash extensions!

before and after by Lash Affair Brand Ambassador, Sydney Farrell

Secondly, let's not forget the time you'll save every morning when you don't have to do all that makeup magic to look awake. You will wake up with long, curled, dark lashes every day. Just for kicks, here's one more reason. The confidence you will gain from lash extensions is priceless. Once you have them, you'll wonder why you waited so long!

Objection #3: Couldn't I Go blind from Lash Extensions?


It's your eyes, I totally get that fear, but I assure you that there have been no documented cases of anyone ever going blind from the application or duration of lash extensions. The service is safe and very comfortable when performed by a licensed and skilled professional. You want to make sure the person offering the service is certified. Certified lash technicians have undergone comprehensive training to ensure safety. 

The service should be completely painless. In fact, many clients simply fall asleep while getting their lashes done. There may be a second or two where you may feel a slight burning because your eyes fluttered, but that should dissipate quickly. I encourage you to let your lash tech know if you feel uncomfortable during your service so they can make any necessary adjustments to ensure your comfort throughout the service.

Objection #4: Doesn't lash extension glue have formaldehyde?


This misconception comes from the fact that cyanoacrylate, lash adhesive, is manufactured using the chemical. The finished product, however, contains a non-traceable amount of formaldehyde. 

Some people say that when they take a shower with lash extensions their eyes burn. They believed it was these chemicals reacting to the water. But ophthalmologists confirm that it is a common sign of dry eye and nothing to do with the lashes at all. This symptom can be remedied by using eye drops and monitoring your eye health.

Objection #5: Don't Lash Extensions hurt?


Good lash extensions are so lightweight that you actually don't feel them at all. If the lashes applied were too long or heavy, then you might feel them, but they still shouldn't hurt. 

Another reason to go to a licensed and certified lash artist of good reputation is that they will practice proper isolation. Without isolating the natural lashes, you will undoubtedly have lashes sticking together, and as those lashes begin growing at different rates, they will pull at each other. These stuck-together lashes cause friction, itching, and irritation. 

Objection #6: AREN't Lash extensions made from animal hair?


Almost all lashes on the market today are made of the same material which is PBT (thermoplastic polyester) and is completely cruelty-free. The difference in appearance is all due to the way that it gets customized in manufacturing.

There are still real mink lashes available on the market, but the price of these extensions are high, and so is the risk of allergic reaction to animal hair. If you do want real mink extensions, just ask the studio who their supplier is so that you can do your research and ensure it is a sustainable, no-kill, mink farm.


You deserve a little pampering, and these rumors shouldn't be the thing holding you back. I hope I have debunked your fears and that you are ready to find a licensed professional to apply a beautiful set of extensions on you! You can find a Lash Affair Certified Artist here. Or reach out to us at info@lashaffair.com if there isn't one close on the map, and we will help you find one. 

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