Experience the Best in Lashing: 5 Questions to Ask a Lash Artist

As part of Lash Affair’s community of licensed lash artists, we’d like to believe that all estheticians have the same commitment to providing quality services. But unfortunately, there are beauty professionals who pursue lashing without proper, professional training. Not only may a client suffer because of a poor experience, but then the reputation of our industry does too. Informing new clients of what to look for in a lash artist can help that they have a great experience and beautiful results.

Use the following as a guide! Share these Q&A’s to ensure all beauties receive first-rate, high-end services, and glamorous lashes.

What are your qualifications?

Applying lash extensions is a precise and delicate procedure that requires skill and proper training. Don’t be afraid to ask about a lash artist’s credentials. A trustworthy and professionally trained lash tech will have special licensing and certifications, like Lash Affair’s Classic Lash or Volume Lash certifications. Research the academy where your artist received their education too. Comparing academies and their offerings can help you learn more about an artist’s training background.

Do you offer a preliminary consultation?

A lashing professional gives special attention to each individual client. Each client has different needs, style, and lifestyle, which is why a comprehensive consultation is so valuable. This is an opportunity to have an upfront conversation with your lash artist about your desired look and any concerns. Lash Affair also recommends having a patch test. The test applies a few lashes to the natural lashes on each eye, ensuring that after 24-48 hours, no reaction occurs.

Can you cover all the bases regarding lash extensions for me?

Knowledge is power! If you’re knowledgeable about lash extensions, then you can trust that your lash artist has the knowledge to perform safe, beautiful work. Here are a few things to research and know about lash extensions:

  • The Right Feel: Lashes should feel natural since each extension is individually placed on a single natural hair. They should feel flexible and breathable, and easily be combed through without snagging or pulling.

  • Options: You have options when choosing length and thickness. Ask your tech about the measurement that is best for your desired look and for avoiding damage. The Lookbook from Lash Affair can help to see all of the various styles of lashes!

  • Trends: Lash Affair’s artist of the month Megan Mahingen, owner of Choice Beauty, tells lash artists to keep learning: the industry and products are fast-evolving, and estheticians need to keep furthering their education to stay current. Chat beforehand about new trends and techniques. Lashing is a creative experience! Enhance your beauty by considering color blocks, degrees of curl, texture, and volume.

  • Proper Hygiene: Lash care is paramount for maintaining good eye health and lash longevity. Prevent bacteria buildup by washing your lashes every day with a high-quality foaming cleanser. Tender, loving care prevents fallout/breakage and creates desired results. Also, talk to your artist about high-quality products, such as a lash conditioner, growth supplement, lash brushes and adhesive options. 

What are the risks?

As much as we’d love for lashing to be 100 percent risk-free, the reality is that clients may have an allergic reaction. A reliable lash artist is transparent about these risks and doesn’t hide the possibility of infection, sensitivity, a chemical burn, inflammation or lash loss. There’s a combination of variables that can cause a bad result, so ask for a candid conversation about lash safety. What products and practices can help you achieve not only an optimal look but promote long-term lash health and retention?

Why do you love lashing?

An excellent lash artist is passionate about the profession and reward that comes with a client’s amazement over their transformation. Techs who see lashing as more than a career, but as their purpose, will continue to improve skills, raise the bar and keep industry standards high. Lashing becomes more than change—it’s artistry. Passionate artists are driven to get better and move forward. For lash artist Melissa Pinyon, “being a lash artist is not a ‘job.’ A ‘job’ has never been this rewarding. I love it! Lashes are a way of life for me.”

Lash Clients! Share these interview questions with your friends, so they know what to ask when looking for a new lash artist!

Abby Terlecki
Marketing & Media Copywriter | Oly Lifting Fanatic | Outdoor Explorer

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