Gender Swap Costumes for Halloween 2018

It's no secret that many men are amazing makeup artists! Men have taken center stage in the beauty industry and we are loving the results! Artists like Manny MUA and Jordan Liberty are just a couple of examples who are taking makeup artistry to a new level, inspiring men and women alike. We want to recognize all the creative guys who have transformed these traditionally female costume looks into fierce costumes that any gender can rock. Gender-swapping means changing a character's look to fit another gender and Halloween presents huge opportunity to break gender barriers. 

Check out a few ways Halloween allows male beauty trendsetters to reimagine characters in playful (and gorgeous) ways!


Male Cruella de Vil Costume

Cruella de Vil

As we all know, the legendary Cruella de Vil is typically played by a woman character. Well, not anymore! This gender swap costume takes an iconic character and transforms her into a male version—complete with red tie, pinstriped paints and a infamous white hair streak. Contouring the cheekbones will give you that gaunt Cruella look and Short Volume Lashes accented by individual Red Classic Extensions can complement the look of the fur-obsessed diva.

Photo credit: @rwcrawford10

Beauty and the Beast

Like so many fairytales, Beauty and the Beast is one that has evolved throughout time. Whichever version was read to you as a child, one thing that won't ever change is the characters. This classic fairytale has been gender swapped and turned into a beautiful costume for any couple! To integrate lash extensions into these looks female beast should have dark, thick volume lashes.

Beauty and the Beast Gender Swap Costume

Ombré Brown Lash Extensions can also be used to bring a more earthy tone. Check out this alternative inspiration for Beast's lashes from our previous LAM Emma Jonson. For male Belle, short volume lash extensions with spots of Gold Volume Extensions are the perfect blend.

Photo credit: @polakonchelalora

Male Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

Originally depicted as a villain in the Batman series, Poison Ivy has been recently revived to be an antiheroine—doing the wrong things for the right reasons. This beautiful male version of Poison Ivy perfectly display the brave and independent character she is! Mix Short Volume Lash Extensions with blends of Green Volume Lash Extensions to bring this lash look back to Ivy's roots.

Photo credit: @jprcosplay

Check out our blog on trending Halloween looks to create your own gender swap costume! 

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