Hair Health, Type + Texture
Hair Health, Type + Texture

Hair Health, Type + Texture

Are you ready to elevate your knowledge of hair textures + lash health? We’ve got you. 


Our Hair Health, Type + Texture Course dives into the anatomy of hair and how it relates to your daily work life. It is important as both a lash artist, and studio or salon professional, to know the intimate details about what it is you work with every day - hair! 

As part of our founding philosophy at Lash Affair, we take lash health very seriously - that’s why we designed this online course - to help you make informed decisions about how to properly care for all of your clients’ lashes. Combined with our product solutions that are dedicated to lash health, such as Growin’ and Showin’ biotin spray, we give you the ultimate understanding of biotin as the key ingredient to hair growth + health. Through this course, you will learn how to educate your clients and make recommendations that best suit their lashes, including proper supplementation. You’ll not only learn about types of hair and textures but also how to prevent future damage and solutions for rehabilitating client lashes if they come in with existing damage. Now is the time to learn on your own schedule, get inspired, be empowered, and take control of your finances with this online hair texture + lash health course.

Yup - you heard right. It’s time to invest in you, babe.

Imagine you, but better. It’s time to change your story.


9 Modules of Online Curriculum 

- Module 1 - Hair Structure + Anatomy

- Module 2 -  Hair Type + Texture

- Module 3 - Lash Type + Texture

- Module 4 - Hair Growth Cycle 

- Module 5 - Hair Porosity

- Module 6 - Touch Sense

- Module 7 - Damaged Lashes

- Module 8 - How to Choose the Right Adhesive

- Module 9 - External Factors that Affect Lash + Hair Health

Lash Affair Hair Health + Type + Texture Certification

90+ hours of support per week

Downloads + tips

P.S. All Lash Affair course payments are non-refundable - you’re sticking with us, babe.


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