Infatuated | Sensitive Eyelash Adhesive

Infatuated | Sensitive Eyelash Adhesive

An obsessive relationship that’s good for you

Your clients will be Infatuated with her. She gives off very low fumes because she cares for those clients that may have more sensitivity to the cyanoacrylate found in all adhesives. This adhesive is not cyanoacrylate free (no adhesive is, babe), but she has a diluted amount of cyanoacrylate to discourage eye irritation. This latex-free formula has a longer curing time than the rest of our collection, and she loves humidity in the 40-55% range.


  • 4-5 week shelf life once opened
  • Black Adhesive
  • Medium Viscosity
  • Loves mid-range humidity

Pro Tips: We recommend using a hygrometer in your treatment room to accurately gauge your humidity levels. If your humidity is low, consider using a humidifier and a Nano Mister to expedite the curing process and decrease exposure to adhesive vapors.

To receive the MSDS, call 800.608.2420

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